There are a number of websites and blogs that have helped me tremendously (or that I really, really enjoy or find worthwhile). Here they are, in alphabetical order—some are about comics, others not about comics.



5 Earths Project
Aaron Severson’s Cosmic Teams Batman Chronology
Absolute Knave by Stephen Ryan
Anthony’s Notes
Atop the Fourth Wall
Aussie Nightwriter’s Dick Grayson Blog
Axaxaxas mlö
The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog
The Bat Squad
The Batman Capability Site
Batman Chronological Order by deaconblackfire76
Batman MicroHeroes Visual Index
The Batman Universe
The Batman Villain Project
The Beat
Books & Comics Blog
Boosterrific! The Unofficial Annotated Adventures of Booster Gold
Chris Sim’s Invincible Super-Blog!
Collative Learning
Collected Editions
Comic Book Database Batman TAS Timeline
Comicosity: History of the DCU Universe 3.0
Comic Book +
Comic Book Religion
Comic Books Online
Comic Vine
Comics Alliance
Comics Ate My Brain
Comics Bulletin
The Comics Cube!
The Comics Archives
The Comics Professor
Digital Comic Museum
Digital Femme
DC Comics Database
Deep Space Transmissions
Depth of Field
Don Markstein’s Toonopedia
The Fantastic Four WAS The Great American Novel
Firestorm Fan
Flash Profiles
Flashback Universe
Funnybook Babylon
Garfield Minus Garfield
Gone & Forgotten
Gotham Spoilers
Infinite Daze
Infinite Earths
It’s a Dan’s World
Jason Kirk’s Atlas of the Multiverse
Jeff Harvey’s Unofficial Silver Age DC Chronology
John Negroni’s Pixar Theory
Karridian’s DC Universe 
Legends of Localization
Legions of Gotham
Let’s Be Friends Again
London Graphic Novel Network
Love dat Joker blog
The New 52 Batman Wiki
Matt Seneca Comix
May Contain Content: Kerry Callen’s Blog! Nib
Nicole Contaxis: Archives & Digital Media
Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin
Michael Kooiman’s Cosmic Teams Database
Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics
Mikel Midnight’s Timelines
Mindless Ones
Nerds of the Round Table
Pop Apostle
Random Ramblings of an Absent-Minded Professor
Ralph Dibny, The World-Famous Elongated Man
The Realm of Ryan
Recalled Comics
The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Characters
Retcon Punch!
The Riddle Factory
Rikdad’s Comic Thoughts
Savage Critics
Sequart Research & Literacy Organization
Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!
Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before…
Superman Homepage
Television Forever
Tommy Westphall’s Multiverse
Too Busy Thinking About My Comics
Too Dangerous For a Girl
Too Many Crises (Next Stop: Immolation Station)
Trade Reading Order
TV Tropes—The DCU
UltraHumanite’s Fan-Made Timeline for the Entire DCAU
The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe
The Unauthorized Chronology of the DC Universe
Unleash the Fanboy
We Believe in Harvey Dent Blog
Will Be, Has, or Has Been
The Wright Opinion
XIVBatmanProject (The Real Batman Chronology Project on Instagram)

3 Responses to Links

  1. Sam Groover says:

    Not sure how interested you are in the animated DCAU continuity, but I stumbled upon this thread:

    Pretty solid work, of course there are kinks as there are in any reading/viewing order, but overall I’ve found this timeline adds a lot to the DCAU storylines, especially using the Batman comics to fill in his Gotham activities during the Justice League period. Well worth a look if you’re interested in that continuity.

    • I am SO SO SO definitely interested in the old DCAU continuity! It’s a fantastic universe that deserves all the praise its ever gotten. In fact, I always wanted to build a timeline for it later on down the road if possible. I had not seen this site prior to your showing me it, so I thank you for the link. Very cool. I will definitely add it to my links page on the site.

      • Sam Groover says:

        It’s definitely been a good time. I have been working through the Justice League period, and a lot of the Gotham Adventures comic stories are downright dark and depressing. Kinda nice to see things in Bat-land are pretty much the same, it offsets the more optimistic Justice League stuff pretty well. And it keeps Dick, Tim, and Barbara busy while Bruce is off on the more cosmic business.

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