Years 31-40



1969-1978: Retirement Continues



–REFERENCE: In Wonder Woman #296 Part 2. Helena begins gymnastics training on the uneven parallel bars with Bruce as her teacher.





–NOTE: In Flash #123. This issue doesn’t feature Batman or any of the Bat-Family, but it is the seminal “Flash of Two Worlds” story that fully introduces the concept of the multiverse to DC. This superb and influential tale, which originally took place in 1961 but has been retconned to 1970 thanks to Silver Age time-sliding, features Earth-1’s Flash (Barry Allen) accidentally vibrating through the Bleed from Earth-1 to Earth-2![1] There, Barry meets Jay Garrick, the Earth-2 Flash, who has been officially retired since 1949 (inactive as a hero since 1951). (Batman has been retired for 10 years at this point). All of Jay’s adventures as Flash on Earth-2 have appeared as comic books written by Gardner Fox on Earth-1, so Barry knows all about him. The Golden Age Flash comes out of retirement to team with the Silver Age flash to defeat the original Thinker, The Shade, and The Fiddler. Afterward, Barry returns to Earth-1 and Jay decides to stay un-retired.




–REFERENCE: In Wonder Woman #271 Part 2. Bruce begins teaching special lessons to Helena, including dropping serious knowledge about the various evils of which mankind is capable. These lessons will continue (randomly and invisibly moving forward on our timeline), but will ultimately aid in influencing Helena to one day become the Huntress.

–NOTE: In Flash #137 (“Vengeance of the Immortal Villain”). Earth-1’s Flash (Barry Allen) decides to breach through the multiversial Bleed to revisit his inspiration, Jay Garrick (the Earth-2 Flash). There, Barry finds that certain members of the old Justice Society of America (Flash, Dr. Mid-Nite, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, The Atom, Johnny Thunder, Yz, and Green Lantern) have come out of retirement to deal with the threat of the immortal Vandal Savage. Savage captures the Justice Society, leading to their rescue by the two Flashes. Vandal Savage is then defeated by the combined might of the heroes. On Earth-2, this version of the Justice Society decides to come out retirement. Barry returns to Earth-1.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #55-56. Bruce and Dick are told all about Flash’s recent amazing multiversial experience and the return of the JSA.

–NOTE: In Justice League of America #21-22 (“CRISIS ON EARTH-1 & CRISIS ON EARTH-2”). The Fiddler, The Icicle, and The Wizard travel through the Bleed to meet Earth-1’s Chronos, Felix Faust, and Dr. Alchemy. They form the first ever inter-multiversial super-villain team, The Crime Champions. On Earth-1, the Crime Champions defeat the Justice League of America—Earth-1 versions of Superman, Batman, The Atom, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Wonder Woman. After the Crime Champions kidnap Flash (Barry Allen) and bring him to their secret hideout in the Bleed-space between universes, they go to Earth-2 and also defeat the Justice Society of America (with Black Canary filling in for Wonder Woman, Hourman subbing for Johnny Thunder, and Dr. Fate subbing for Dr. Mid-Nite). The Crime Champions then kidnap Flash (Jay Garrick). (Note that the Justice Society mentions that they haven’t had an official meeting in twelve years, but thanks to retcons, this should read twenty years.) Eventually, the JLA is defeated for a second time and imprisoned inside their own Secret Sanctuary HQ. Using Earth-1 Merlin’s crystal ball, the JLA summons the JSA, which breaks through the dimensional barrier and appears on Earth-1! (This summoning scene is also shown in a flashback from The Multiversity Guidebook.) Eventually, the heroes defeat the Crime Champions.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #55. Bruce and Dick hear all about the amazing “Crisis on Earth-1 and Earth-2.” Despite staying semi-retired, Batman becomes an honorary member of the JSA. Likewise, Mr. Terrific, Starman, Black Canary, and Dr. Fate all come out of retirement to join their old JSA teammates full-time (as referenced in Justice League of America #29-30 and Justice League of America #37-38). Wildcat also comes out of retirement to join the JSA (as referenced in Justice League of America #55).








–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America #55. Robin is invited to become a member of the JSA! Bruce plans to attend his swearing-in ceremony, but is unable to when a “special case” comes up, forcing him to suit up as Batman for the first time in a while. Batman tells Robin to give his apologies and best wishes to the JSA. While Batman goes on this unspecified action, Robin is sworn-in by Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Wildcat, Mr. Terrific, and Hourman. Robin’s first mission winds up being a multiversial experience as the JSA teams with members of the JLA (Earth-1 Superman, Earth-1 Green Lantern, Earth-1 Green Arrow, and Earth-1 Flash) to defeat one-shot villains Gem Girl, How Chu, Money Master, and Smashing Sportsman. Presumably, Robin tells Batman all about it afterwards.


















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  1. [1]COLLIN COLSHER: The Bleed is the tesseract space that exists in-between/separates all the universes in the Omniverse. Marvel Comics refers to the Bleed as “The Superflow.” The terminology is quite menstrual in nature, but what cosmic magick isn’t, right?

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