Years Twenty-Three to Thirty

1961-1968: The Retirement Years



–REFERENCE: In DC Super-Stars #17. These are the quiet years for Bruce Wayne, who has fully retired to spend time with his wife Selina and to raise his daughter Helena. Bruce also focuses on political activism as his main retirement hobby. Robin finally forges out on his own, now functioning as Gotham’s primary protector.

–REFERENCE: In Convergence: Detective Comics #1. Bruce sets up branches of the Wayne Foundation in all major American cities, each with a hidden Batcave, alternate Batmobile, and arsenal underneath. Not only that, Bruce has miles of secret tunnel built connecting the Batcaves to the outer limits of each city. Robin will use these tunnels to travel between cities in his ongoing war against crime.









–REFERENCE: In Wonder Woman #286 Part 2. Bruce buys Helena her first chemistry set.

–FLASHBACK: From Wonder Woman #286 Part 2. Helena is ten-years-old now and has grown up in a world without a Batman, although the Dark Knight’s legend and fame have lived on (and Robin has continued defending Gotham). The city is adorned with statues molded in his image and varied tribute ephemera, a constant celebratory reminder of the previous generation’s greatest hero. At Wayne Manor, the retired Bruce finally reveals to his young daughter who he is: the one and only Batman! Helena is shocked, delighted, and proud.

–REFERENCE: In Wonder Woman #277 Part 2. Bruce stresses to Helena the need to never tell anyone that he is Batman, citing that he trusts most people in general, but he can’t put his faith in circumstance. Bruce will, from time to time, remind young Helena the importance of keeping the secret. These reminders must be imagined as happening randomly on our timeline below.

–REFERENCE: In Wonder Woman #307 Part 2. A ten-year-old Helena poses for a picture with her mom and dad at Wayne Manor.

–REFERENCE: In Wonder Woman #290 Part 2. Bruce tells his daughter that she “came into the world kicking and screaming” when she was born. These inspirational words, including many others from her pop, will inspire a dominant fighting spirit in young Helena.





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