Years 1-10


YEAR ONE (1989)

–1A. Early January. “Shaman Part 1” by D. O’Neil/E. Hannigan (Batman: LOTDK #1)
–Bruce begins journaling (r in Batman #404 & Batman: LOTDK #172)
–2A. Jan 4-Feb 26. “Batman Year One” by Miller/Mazzucchelli (Batman #404)
–Bruce begins scrapbooking (r in JLA #119)
–2B. March 11. “Batman Year One” by Miller/Mazzucchelli (Batman #404) / LOTDK #1 / fb from Batman: The Return #1
–1B. March 11. “Shaman Part 1″ (continued) (Batman: LOTDK #1) / r in Adventures of Superman #643
–Bruce begins dating Viveca Beausoleil (r in Batman Chronicles #19, Pt. 1 Intro)
–March. Bruce heads Wayne Enterprises, files for patents for Bat-tech, steals from own company (r in Superman/Batman #85 & Batman Confidential #1-6)
–March. Bruce examines caves under mansion (fb from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2)
–March. Bruce and Alfred start building Batcave (fb from LOTDK #2)
–March. Bruce & Alfred haul stuff into Batcave (fb from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2)
–March. Bruce finds his parents’ hidden room (r from Batman #701, Part 1)
–1C. April 5. “Shaman Part 1″ (continued) (Batman: LOTDK #1)
–2C. April 5-6. “Batman Year One” (continued) (Batman #405)
–1D. April 6. “Shaman Part 1″ (continued) (Batman: LOTDK #1)
–Batman steals Joe Chill’s gun (r in Batman Confidential #1 & ‘tec #575)
–3A. April 8-9. “Got a Date With an Angel” by Englehart (Batman Chronicles #19, Pt. 1 Intro)
–2D. April 9. “Batman Year One” (continued) (Batman #405)
–3B. April 9-12. “Got a Date With an Angel” (cont…) (Batman Chronicles #19, Pt. 1 Conclusion)
–Batman steals grappling hook, saves lives (r in Superman/Batman #86)
–4. “One Night in Gotham City” by John Byrne (The Man of Steel #3)
–Batman and Superman learn each others’ IDs (r in Superman #710)
–Bruce gets sonar bat-attractor, begins testing it (r in Batman #406)
–2E. May 14-August 7. “Batman Year One” (continued) (Batman #405-406)
–August 8. Stan kidnaps Maggie Kyle (Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper #2)
–Murray Fineman debuts (r in Batman & The Mad Monk #1)
–Dr. Death debuts (fb from Batman #682 & Streets of Gotham #20)
–Dirigible of Doom debuts (fb from Batman #682)
–Martian Manhunter debuts (fb from Martian Manhunter Vol. 2 #22)
–Alfred stitches up Bruce (fb from Batman #682)
–Bruce meets with Lieutenant Gordon (fb from Batman #682)
–Batman tries out various undercover IDs (fb from Batman #589)
–Batman invents other undercover IDs (r in Detective Comics #827)
–Early September. Red Hood incident (fb from Killing Joke & Gotham Knights #54)
–Batman keeps Red Hood’s helmet (r in Batman: The Man Who Laughs)
–2G. September 2-October 12. “Batman Year One” (continued) (Batman #407)
–Batman gives Gordon Bat radio communicator (r in Batman & The Monster Men #5)
–2H. November 2-3. “Batman Year One” (continued) (Batman #407)
–November 3. Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper #3-4
–5. November 4-15. Batman & The Monster Men #1-6 by Matt Wagner
–6A. November 15. Batman & The Mad Monk #1-2 by Matt Wagner
–7A. November 16-17. “Prey” by Doug Moench/Paul Gulacy (LOTDK #11-12)
–6B. November 17-18. Batman & The Mad Monk #2-5
–7B. November 18-19. “Prey” (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #12-13)
–6C. November 19. Batman & The Mad Monk #5-6 / r in Robin Vol. 2 #13
–November 20. Julie Madison leaves (fb from Batman #682 / r from Mad Monk #6)
–November 20. Lynn Eagles debuts (r in LOTDK #67)
–Nov 20-22. Matches Malone debuts; Batman usurps his ID (fb from Batman #589)
–7C. November 22. “Prey” (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #13)
–November 24. Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper #4, Epilogue
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–7D. November 25-29. “Prey” (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #14-15)
–8. “Guardian” by A. Brennert (Gotham Knights #10, Pt. 2/Batman: B&W)
–2I. December 3. “Batman Year One” (continued) (Batman #407)
–6D. December 4. Batman & The Mad Monk #6, Epilogue
–9A. December 4-8. Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker/Doug Manhke
–10A. Dec 8-15. “Do You Understand These Rights?” (Batman Confidential #22-25)
–9B. December 15. Batman: The Man Who Laughs, Epilogue
–Penguin debuts (r in Batman Annual #11 & LOTDK #167)
–11A. December. “Irresistible” by Tom Peyer/Tony Harris (LOTDK #169, Intro)
–December. Batman returns to Batcave (fb from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2)
–12. Late December. “Shaman Parts 2-5″ (Batman: LOTDK #2-5)


YEAR TWO (1990)

–Batman invents, uses Whirly-Bat (r in Batman #673 & LOTDK #32-34)
–Tommy Elliot & Peyton Riley debut (fb from Detective Comics #848-849)
–Bruce & Alfred visit Bruce’s parent’s graves, discuss Julie (fb from Batman #682)
–13. February-March. Batman: Journey into Knight #1-6 by Andrew Helfer
–March. Riddler debuts (fb from ‘tec Annual #8 / r in Batman Confidential #25)
–March. Batman collects giant question mark (r in Nightwing Vol. 2 #101)
–10B. “Do You Understand These Rights?” (Batman Confidential #25, Epilogue)
–Spring. Poison Ivy debuts (r in LOTDK #42)
–Bruce meets Selina out-of-costume (r in Batman: The Long Halloween #1)
–14. “Deja Vu” by Darwyn Cooke (Solo #5)
–15. Batman/Catwoman: Trail of the Gun #1-2 by Ann Nocenti/Ethan Van Sciver
–16. “Gothic” by Grant Morrison/Klaus Janson (LOTDK #6-10)
–Batman busts crooks, freaks out gangster (fb from Batman Chronicles #10)
–17. Early summer. “Stalking” by Lee Marrs/Eddy Newell (LOTDK #107-108)
–debuts of Silken Spider, Tiger Moth, & Dragonfly (r in Batman #670)
–11B. June. “Irresistible” by Tom Peyer/Tony Harris (continued) (LOTDK #169-171)
–18. “Hot House” by John Francis Moore/P. Craig Russell (LOTDK #42-43)
–19. Early June-early Sept. Batman: Journey into Knight #7-12 by Andrew Helfer
–Batman gives himself unlimited WayneTech cpu access (r in ‘tec #598)
–20. “Testament” by John Wagner/Chris Brunner (LOTDK #172-176)
–Batman starts entries into Black Casebook (r in Batman #665 / fb from Batman #673)
–Batman vs Riddler (fb from B&W 2nd ft to GK #47)
–21. “Secrets of the Batcave: Dinosaur Island” (Batman Chronicles #8, Part 3)
–Batman collects giant penny (r in Batman: The Killing Joke)
–Batman puts Monk’s shroud on display (r in Robin Vol. 2 #13)
–Batman puts giant question mark on display (r in Nightwing Vol. 2 #101)
–Batman fights Penguin, collects giant penguin (r in Batman: The Killing Joke)
–Batman solves “Case of the Prophetic Picture,” collects portrait (r in Robin Vol. 2 #13)
–Batman fights opium runners, collects Buddha statue*
–Batman solves unspecified case, collects giant nickel (r in Flash Vol. 2 #210)
–Batman vs. Joker II (fb from Batman #589)
–Batman collects giant playing card (r in Booster Gold Vol. 2 #21)
–Late September. Scarecrow debuts (fb from LOTDK #137)
–22. “Good Cop… Bad Cop” by Andrew Kriesberg (Batman Confidential #29-30)
–23A. Early October. “Wings” by Chuck Dixon/Quique Alcatena (LOTDK Annual #5)
–24. October. “Flyer” by Howard Chaykin/Gil Kane (LOTDK #24-26)
–25. October. “Playground” by James Robinson/Dan Brereton (LOTDK #114)
–23B. Mid October “Wings” (continued) (LOTDK Annual #5)
–26. Late October. “Terror” by Doug Moench/Paul Gulacy (LOTDK #137-141)
–27. Halloween. “Choices: A Tale of Halloween…” (LOTDK Halloween Special #1)
–Batman vs. Joker III (r in LOTDK #65)
–28. “Infected” by Warren Ellis/John McCrea (LOTDK #83-84)
–29. “The Sleeping” by Scott Hampton (LOTDK #76-78)
–30. “Tao” by Alan Grant/Arthur Ranson (LOTDK #52-53)
–31. “Terminus” by Jaimie Delano/Chris Balacho (LOTDK #64)
–32. “Turf” by Steven Grant/Shawn McManus (LOTDK #44-45)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–Alfred starts serving mulligatawny soup (r inBatman #701, Part 1)
–Batman tells Superman to question everything (r in Justice League Vol. 3 #14)
–Batman puts father’s bat-costume on display (r in Detective Comics #618 & Batman #678)
–33. “Blades” by James Robinson/Tim Sale (LOTDK #32-34)
–Christmas. Debut of Helena Bertinelli (fb from Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood #4)
–34. Christmas. “Favorite Things” by Mark Millar/Steve Yeowell (LOTDK #79)
–35. “Blink”” by Dwayne McDuffie/Val Semeiks (LOTDK #156-158)
–36. “Pulp Heroes” by James Robinson/Steve Yeowell/Russ Heath (LOTDK Annual #7)



–Batman fights terror cell (r in LOTDK #106)
–debuts of Solomon Grundy & Calendar Man (r in Batman: The Long Halloween)
–37. “Rules of Engagement” by Andy Diggle/Whilce Portacio (Batman Confidential #1-6)
–Bruce begins lifelong philanthropic campaign (r in Batman #403)
–Bruce becomes majority owner of Wayne Enterprises (r in Superman/Batman #85)
–Batman fights El-Kar’isha terrorists (r in LOTDK #105-106)
–38A. February. “Going Sane” by J.M. DeMatteis/Joe Staton (LOTDK #65)
–Feb-March. Bruce retires in Accord; Joker goes sane (from LOTDK #66 / fb from LOTDK #67)
–April-early May. Joker gets engaged; Bruce still retired (from LOTDK #66 / fb from LOTDK #67)
–38B. Early May. “Going Sane” (continued) (LOTDK #66)
–38C. Early May. “Going Sane” (continued) (LOTDK #67, Part 1)
–39A. Early May. “Venom” by Denny O’Neil/Trevor Von Eeden (LOTDK #16)
–Batman vs Riddler (fb from B&W 2nd feature to Batman: Gotham Knights #47)
–40A. Early June. Batman: The Long Halloween #1, Part 1 by Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale
–38D. Mid June. “Going Sane” (continued) (LOTDK #67, Part 2)
–38E. Mid June. “Going Sane” (conclusion) (LOTDK #68)
–40B. July. Batman: The Long Halloween #1, Part 2
–23C. Mid July. “Wings” by Chuck Dixon/Quique Alcatena (LOTDK Annual #5)
–39B. August-September. “Venom” (continued) (LOTDK #17-20)
–40C. Late September-October 31. Batman: The Long Halloween #1, Part 3
–Oct. Gordon, Dent, Batman meet; Dent pushes planting evidence (fb from Batman #527)
–40D. Halloween. Batman: The Long Halloween #1, Part 4
–Oct 31-Nov 1. Harvey Dent fakes death (r in Batman: The Long Halloween #2)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–40E. Nov 25-Dec 31. Batman: The Long Halloween #2-4


YEAR FOUR (1992)

–40F. Jan 1. Batman: The Long Halloween #4 Conclusion
–41. January. “Don’t Blink” by Dwayne McDuffie/Val Semeiks (LOTDK #164-167)
–Batman learns Alfred and Leslie are romantically involved (r in Batman: Gotham Knights #7)
–Mad Hatter debuts (r in Batman: The Long Halloween #10)
–40G. February 14-March 17. Batman: The Long Halloween #5-6
–Bruce turns down Selina’s offer of serious relationship (fb from Batman #600)
–40H. April 1-June 21. Batman: The Long Halloween #7-9 by Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale
–42. Late June. “Family” by James D. Hudnall/Brent Anderson (LOTDK #31)
–43. Late June. “Idols” by James Vance/Dougie Braithewaite (LOTDK #80-82)
–Batman considers revealing secret ID to Harvey Dent (r in Batman: Dark Victory #2)
–40I. July 4. Batman: The Long Halloween #10
–44A. July 5-July 28. “Faith” by Mike W. Barr/Bart Sears (LOTDK #21)
–40J. August 2. Batman: The Long Halloween #11
–40K. August 3. Batman: The Long Halloween #12, Part 1
–44B. August 8-10. “Faith” (continued) (LOTDK #22-23)
–August. Batman busts Vince & Crown (fb from LOTDK #69)
–45. August. “The Darkness” by Darren Vincenzo/Luke McDonnell (LOTDK #115)
–46. August. “Dirty Tricks” by Dan Abnett/Danny Lanning (LOTDK #95-97)
–40L. September 1. Batman: The Long Halloween #12, Part 2
–40M. September 1-5. Batman: The Long Halloween #13, Part 1
–47. “Freakout” by Garth Ennis/Will Simpson (LOTDK #91-93)
–40N. October 31. Batman: The Long Halloween #13, Part 2
–Batman collects Two-Face’s coin (r in Batman #577)
–Green Arrow debuts (r in Legends of the DC Universe #12)
–48. “Steps” by Paul Jenkins/Sean Phillips (LOTDK #98-99)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–49. “Bad” by Doug Moench/Barry Kitson (LOTDK #146-148)
–50. “Loyalties” by John Ostrander/David Lopez (LOTDK #159-161)
–Batman investigates Raymond Gallagher (fb from LOTDK #40)


YEAR FIVE (1993)

–Roger Gordon dies; Jim Gordon adopts Babs (in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #20)
–Yuko Yagi debuts (fb from Batman: Child of Dreams)
–Bruce catches Alfred and Leslie kissing (fb from Batman: Gotham Knights #7)
–Jeremy Samuels debuts (fb from Batman #582-583)
–Late March. Harrison Gray debuts (r in B&S: World’s Finest #4)
–Batman displays more nutty things in Batcave (r in Flash Vol. 2 #210)
–Batman defeats white whale sub crooks, keeps sub as trophy (r in ‘tec #850)
–Babs sees Batman talk to her dad (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #20)
–51. Mid April-Early June. “Mask” by Bryan Talbot (em>LOTDK #39-40)
–52. “Colossus” by Mike Baron/Bill Reinhold (LOTDK #154-155)
–53. “Storm” by Andrew Donkin/Graham Brand (LOTDK #58)
–June. Wingman debuts; Batman starts training him (r in Batman #669)
–54. “Criminals” by Steven Grant/Mike Zeck (LOTDK #69-70)
–Victor Fries debuts as Mr. Zero (r in Batman: Dark Victory & LOTDK #201-203)
–Barbara and James Junior leave Jim (r in Batman: Dark Victory)
–Dr. Hale Corbett debuts (r in Batman: Turning Points #5)
–Jim Gordon promoted to commissioner (r in Batman: Dark Victory)
–55A. Late July. Batman: Dark Victory #0 by Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale
–56. “The Secret” by Joshua Hale Fialkov/Adriana Melo (Superman/Batman #85-87)
–55B. August 2-3. Batman: Dark Victory #1, Part 1
–57. “Batman Year Two: Fear the Reaper” by Mike W. Barr (Detective Comics #575)
–“Fear the Reaper” concludes (r in DC Retroactive: Batman – The 80s #1)
–September 1. Wingman’s training with Batman ends (r in Batman #669)
–55C. September. Batman: Dark Victory #1, Part 2
–Batman nabs Baldwin Berkins assassin (r in Batman #603)
–58. Halloween weekend. “Shipwreck” by Dan Vado/Norman Felchle (LOTDK #112-113)
–55D. Halloween. Batman: Dark Victory #1, Part 3
–59. November. “Citadel” by James Robinson/Tony Salmons (LOTDK #85)
–55E. November. Batman: Dark Victory #1, Part 4
–55F. November. Batman: Dark Victory #2
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–60. “Spook” by James Robinson/Paul Johnson (LOTDK #102-104)
–55G. December. Batman: Dark Victory #3
–X-mas. Booster & Dick time-travel from 2010 to now (Booster Gold Vol. 2 #25)
–55H. December 31. Batman: Dark Victory #4, Part 1


YEAR SIX (1994)

–55I. January 1. Batman: Dark Victory #4, Part 2
–Clayface I debuts (r in Batman: Gotham After Midnight #3 & Secret Origins Vol. 2 #44)
–Batman keeps Clayface’s mask as trophy*
–Case of Dana Drye (r in Robin Vol. 2 #13)
–Case of Judge Clay*
–death of Silas Wayne (r in Batman #680 & Batman and Robin #10)
–55J. February 14-15. Batman: Dark Victory #5
–61. The Creeper Vol. 2 #1-6 by Steve Niles/Justiniano
–62. Late winter. “Ghosts” by Sam Kieth (Batman Confidential #40-43)
–Batman rescues Ashmore heir (fb from B&W 2nd ft to Batman: Gotham Knights #42)
–55K. March 17. Batman: Dark Victory #6
–55L. March 17. Batman: Dark Victory #7, Part 1
–debut of Zatanna (r in JLA Incarnations #3)
–Batman uses Truth Chamber (r in Batman & Robin #16)
–Bruce named People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Man Alive” (r in Batman Confidential #52)
–Late March. B&S commemorate Dr. Grey; Two-Face appears (r in B&S: World’s Finest #4 & B&S: World’s Finest #10, Pt. 1)
–55M. April 1. Batman: Dark Victory #7, Part 2 by Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale
–Catman debuts (r in Batman Confidential #21)
–Killer Moth debuts (r in Robin: Year One #2)
–Dr. No-Face debuts (r in 52)
–55N. May 8. Batman: Dark Victory #8
–55O. May 9. Death of Flying Graysons (Dark Victory #9, Pt. 1 / fb from Batman #436 / fb from Batman: SOTB #34 / fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #101 / fb from Secret Origins 80-Page Giant #1 / Secret Origins Vol. 2 #50)
–May 9. Batman surveys Flying Grayson death scene (fb from Batman #436)
–May 9. Batman addresses Dick (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #13)
–May 9. Batman spies on Dick and Haly’s friends (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–May 9. Dick goes to orphanage (fb from Robin Annual #4 & Batman #436)
–Mid June. Bruce adopts Dick (fb from Batman #439 & (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #13)
–Mid June. Dick moves into Wayne Manor (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–55P. Father’s Day. Batman: Dark Victory #9, Part 2
–Mid June. Dick begins solo training (r in Robin Annual #4, Nightwing Secret Files #1, & Dark Victory)
–Mr. Zero becomes Mr. Freeze (r in Batman: Dark Victory #10)
–55Q. July 4. Batman: Dark Victory #10 / Pop Haly dies (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–July 6. Dick attends Pop Haly’s funeral (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–Dick trains (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #13)
–Dick trains (fb from Batman: Shadow of the Bat #34)
–July. Batman teams w/ Superman; Dick asks about him (fb from Legends of the DCU #6)
–55R. August 1-September 5. Batman: Dark Victory #11-12
–August 21. Batman from 2001 time-travels to Russia (from Armageddon: Inferno #1, #4)
–55S. September 5. Batman: Dark Victory #13, Part 1
–Bruce scares Dick with Joker story (r in Robin: Year One #2)
–55T. October 10-11. Batman: Dark Victory #13, Part 2
–Clayface II debuts (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #44, Part 2 / r in Gotham After Midnight #3)
–63A. October. Batman: Gotham After Midnight #1-6 by Steve Niles/Kelley Jones
–63B. Late October. Batman: Gotham After Midnight #7, Part 1
–55U. Halloween. Batman: Dark Victory #13, Part 3
–Batman criticizes Robin’s costume (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #101)
–November. Debut of Spellbinder (r in Underworld Unleashed #1)
–November. Debut of The Calculator (r in Hero Hotline #6 & Superman/Batman #19)
–November. Debut of The Getaway Genius (r in Batman #703)
–November. Debut of Eraser (r in Batman #682)
–November. Debut of Kite Man (r in Batman: Gotham Knights #33
–November. Debuts of Mr. Polka-Dot (r in Justice League of America Vol. 2 #21)
–November. Debut of Mad Hatter II (r in Detective Comics #573 & Batman #700)
–November. Debut of Cavalier (r in Justice League America #43 & Batman Confidential #21)
–Dick trains (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #101)
–November. Dick passes “ambush training test” (fb from Batman #687)
–November. Batman & Grundy stop serial killer (fb from Batman Hidden Treasures #1)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–Killer Croc debuts (r inBatman: Gotham After Midnight #7, Part 2)
–Early Dec. Robin passes “gauntlet,” ends training (r in Robin: Year One #1)
–Early December. Robin busts Joe Minette, meets Gordon (r in Robin: Year One #1)
–Batman & Robin prepare for patrol (fb from New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #47)
–Robin goes on first patrol, helps catch Joker (fb from Detective Comics #866)
–Debuts of Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Dee (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #13)
–Batman collects the hats of Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Dee*
–64. “Robin & Superman: Fear of God” by Kelley Puckett (Legends of the DCU #6)
–Batman, Robin, and Superman team-up (r in fb from JLofA v.2 #0)
–DCU heroes vs. Appelaxians (fb from DCU Legacies #3, JLofA v.2 #0, & 2nd ft to 52 #51)
–Big 3 comes up with idea for League (fb from JLofA v.2 #0)
–other heroes agree to join League (r in JLofA v.2 #0 & JLA: Year One #1)
–Ollie starts bankrolling League (r in Legends of the DC Universe #12)
–JLA public debut; Batman sours on JLA idea (r in 2nd ft to 52 #51 & JLA: Year One #2)
–Secret Sanctuary built; Batman skips meeting (r in Batman Confidential #50-54, 2nd ft to 52 #51, & JLA: Year One #1-2)
–Triumph debuts and is erased from time (r in Justice League America #92)
–Batman meets Vicki Vale (r in Batman #403)
–Green Arrow begins training Batman (r in Robin Vol. 2 #70 & Green Arrow Vol. 2 #134)
–Batman wears rainbow costume (fb from Trinity Vol. 2 #1)
–Joker’s “Laughing Fish” gag (r in Legends of the DC Universe #26-27)
–65. “The Fishy Laugh / Reign of the Joker!” (Legends of the DCU #26-27)
–debut of Crazy Quilt (r in Flash Vol. 2 #210)
–66A. Mid December. Robin: Year One #1 by Chuck Dixon/Scott Beatty/Javier Pulido
–Mid Dec. Debuts of Cluemaster & Firefly (r in Robin: Year One #2)
–Mid Dec. Shrike secretly watches Batman and Robin in action (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #56)
–Mid December. Batman begins kidnapping investigation (r in Batman Confidential #50)
–Batman & Robin vs. Riddler (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–Batman & Robin vs. Poison Ivy (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–Batman & Robin vs. Joker (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–debuts of Blockbuster and Roland Desmond (fb from Starman #9)
–Batman & Robin defeat Cyanide & Mother Grimm (fb from LOTDK #149-153)
–66B. Robin: Year One #2-3 / fb from Robin Annual #4 / fb from Robin #0
–63C. Dec 19-20. Batman: Gotham After Midnight #7, Part 2
–63D. December 21-December 31. Batman: Gotham After Midnight #8-9



–JLA defeats Fortas; Batman joins full-time (fb from Batman Confidential #50-54)
–Batman defeats Joker, collects giant dice (r in Batman versus Predator III: Blood Ties #4 and Batman #657)
–Starro the Conqueror & Snapper Carr debut (r in Hourman #1, Hourman #16, & JLA: Year One #4)
–66C. Mid January. Robin: Year One #4 / r in Batman #710
–Mid Jan. B & R celebrate belated X-Mas (fb from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2)
–Batman & Robin meet the Dibnys (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #30 & fb from Identity Crisis)
–Robin learns Zucco is still alive (r in Robin Annual #4)
–Batman & Robin vs Joker & Penguin (fb from New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #47)
–Signalman debuts (fb from Trinity #18 / r in Robin #149)
–Children of Maya bomb Wayne Enterprises (fb from Batman: Absolution)
–Batman and Robin defeat The Bowler, collect pins (fb from Detective Comics #725)
–Dr. Double X debuts (r in Titans Vol. 2 #17 & Young Justice #50)
–Batman defeats Zebra-Man (r in The Outsiders #22)
–Batman defeats Elemental Man (r in The Outsiders #22)
–Batman defeats Planet Master (r in The Outsiders #22)
–67. “Geometry” by Dan Jurgens/Norm Rapmund (Superman #700)
–Bruce wins custody battle for Dick against the State (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #75)
–68. February 14-19. Batman: Gotham After Midnight #10-12
–69. “Teenage Sidekick” by Paul Pope (Solo #3)
–Batman shakes-down Joe Chill; Chill commits suicide (fb from Batman #673)
–Batman meets Hawkman (r in Batman #416, DCU Legacies #4, & JLA Year One #1)
–Batman meets Red Tornado (r in Stars & STRIPE #9, Stars & STRIPE #0, & JLofA v.2 #0)
–Trinity busts T.O. Morrow (fb from Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #34)
–debut of Gentleman Ghost (r in Batman #416)
–Batman & Robin mellow-out, deal with Joker’s pop-crime antics (fb from Batman #682)
–Robin bests Joker in laughing contest (fb from Batman #682)
–Prof. Milo drugs Batman with Zur-En-Arrh trip (r in Batman #679)
–Bruce gets crown trophy; Alfred reorganizes trophy room (fb from Batman #682)
–Ace the Bathound debuts (r in Batman #682 & Batman and Robin #1)
–Batman & Robin defeat Lyman Brothers (fb from B&W 2nd ft to Gotham Knights #2)
–Bruce named People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Man Alive” again (r in Batman Confidential #52)
–Carter Nichols debuts, Batman & Robin start time-traveling (r in Batman #700 / Return of Bruce Wayne #5)
–Late March. Intergang & Project Cadmus debut (fb from B&S: World’s Finest #4)
–Late March. Batman & Robin nab Zucco (fb from Robin Annual #4 / r in Batman #436)
–Debut of Xotar (r in Hourman #16)
–Professor Ivo & Amazo debut (fb from Blackest Night #0)
–Flash disses Green Lantern (fb from Action Comics #850)
–Despero debuts (r in Hourman #1)
–Kanjar Ro debuts (r in JLA #78)
–Green Arrow joins JLA, saves them (r in Legends of the DCU #12 & Hourman #16)
–Black Canary meets Green Arrow (fb from Black Canary Vol. 3 #1)
–Dr. Destiny debuts (r in Sandman Vol. 2 #5)
–JLA defeats Angellaxians; B&S go to future (r in Hourman #16)
–Green Arrow asks Batman to find Connor Hawke (fb from Arrow & Canary #5)
–Dr. Light debuts (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #37)
–Atom joins JLA (r in Secret Origins v.2 #29 & DCU Legacies #4)
–JLA & JSA defeats the Crime Champions (fb from DCU Legacies #4)
–JLA stops second Appelaxian invasion (r in JLA: Year One #11)
–70. “A New Dawn” by Nunzio DeFilippis (Batman Confidential #26-28)
–71. Batman: LOTDK: Jazz #1-3 by Gerard Jones/Mark Badger
–Vandal Savage vs JLA (r in The Final Night #2)
–72. “Engines” by Ted McKeever (LOTDK #74-75)
–Gorilla Grodd debuts (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #23)
–Queen Bee Zazzala debuts (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #30 & Final Crisis #6)
–Hawkman joins JLA (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #29 & DCU Legacies #4)
–Epoch the Lord of Time debuts; JLA defeats Felix Faust (r in Hourman #16 & Superman/Batman #79)
–The Cheetah debuts (r in JLA Incarnations #6, Part 1)
–Ollie asks Bruce to finance the JLA; JLA defeats Packrat (fb from Legends of the DCU #12)
–Debut of Amos Fortune and the Royal Flush Gang (r in Justice League #4)
–Batman vs Riddler (fb from B&W 2nd feature to Batman: Gotham Knights #47)
–Batman starts practicing leniency toward 1st offenders (r in fb from 2nd feature to GK #41)
–debuts of Kathy Kane, Santiago Vargas, & Lew Moxon (fb from Batman Inc #4)
–The Clock debuts (r from Flash Vol. 2 #210)
–Gene the newsie debuts (r from The Judas Coin)
–Catwoman steals cat statue (fb from Bruce Wayne: The Road Home—Catwoman #1)
–73. “The Mystery of the Black Bat” by Ed Brubaker/James Tucker (Batman #600, Pt. 2)
–Mr. Mxyzptlk debuts (r in Batman & Superman: World’s Finest #6)
–74. “Legend of the Dark Mite” by Alan Grant/Kevin O’Neill (LOTDK #38)
–Gaggy debuts (fb from Gotham City Sirens #6)
–JLA vs Fire-Eye (r in JLA Incarnations #5)
–JLA defeats The Monsan (r in Daily Planet: Special Invasion Edition)
–Elongated Man joins the JLA (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #30)
–JLA defeats Putty Men (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #30)
–The Injustice Gang debuts (r in Identity Crisis)
–Early June. Snapper Carr graduates high school (fb from Hourman #16)
–Robin breaks giant nickel (r in Flash Vol. 2 #210)
–El Guacho debuts (r in Batman Inc #3 / Flash Annual #13)
–John Mayhew fails to start Club of Heroes (fb from Batman #667-669)
–Batman gives Knight & Squire “hot line” number (r in JLA Classified #1)
–Kathy Kane debuts as Bat-Woman (fb from Batman Inc #4)
–Babs spies on Batman and Gordon (fb from 2nd ft to Birds of Prey #127)
–Summer. Babs debuts as Batgirl (fb from Arkham Asylum: Living Hell)
–Summer. Batgirl fighst Killer Moth, meets Batman (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #20 & Birds of Prey #127 / r in Batman: Batgirl & DC First: Batgirl/Joker #1)
–75. “Photo Finish” by Devin Grayson/Duncan Fegredo (Batman Chronicles #9, Pt. 1)
–Bruce tells Alfred to give Dick the night off (fb from Batman #682)
–Curt Briggs case; Bat-Woman & Batman start dating (fb from Batman #682 & Batman Inc #4)
–76A. Batgirl: Year One #4 by Scotty Beatty/Chuck Dixon/Marcos Martin
–76B. Batgirl: Year One #6
–Copperhead debuts (r in Batgirl: Year One #9)
–77. August. “Folie à deux” by Kelley Puckett (Legends of the DC U #10-11)
–August. Robin & Batgirl team-up (Batgirl: Year One #8)
–76C. Batgirl: Year One #9
–The Key debuts (r in JLA #7)
–Toyman debuts (r in Batman & Superman: World’s Finest #10, Part 1)
–Brain Storm debuts (r in Justice League America #43 & Showcase ’94 #7)
–Simon Stagg debuts (r in The Outsiders #21 & Metamorpho: Year One #6)
–Batman reveals Catwoman’s secret ID to Bat-Family (r in Batman Confidential #17 & Batman Confidential #19)
–78. September. “The Cat and The Bat” by Fabian Nicieza/Kevin Maguire (Batman Confidential #17-21)
–Batman vs Riddler; Riddler goes straight (fb from Joker’s Asylum II: Riddler #1)
–Goldface debuts (r in Metamorpho: Year One #6)
–September. Mercy Stone debuts (fb from LOTDK #37)
–Shaggy Man debuts (fb from JLofA v.2 #43)
–Ollie suspects Bruce is Batman (fb from JLA 80-Page Giant #2)
–Hooded Hangman debuts (r in Superman/Batman #70)
–79. Mid October. Batman: Night Cries by Archie Goodwin/Scott Hampton
–Gordon and Bullock vs Roy Blount (fb from Detective Comics #875)
–October. James Junior vacations in Gotham (fb from Detective Comics #875)
–October. Batman begins training Mercy Stone (fb from LOTDK #37)
–80. “Halloween Past: Trick and Defeat” by Art Baltazar (DCU Halloween Special 2009)
–Bette Kane debuts as Bat-Girl (fb from Batman Inc #4)
–Batman talks about marrying Bat-Woman (fb from Batman #682)
–Batman and Bat-Woman get engaged (fb from Batman Inc #4)
–Bat-Family poses for photo (r in Batman: The Killing Joke)
–81. Batman: War on Crime by Alex Ross/Paul Dini
–82. “Never Say Die” by Dwayne McDuffie (Batman: Gotham Knights #27/B&W)
–Thanksgiving with Aunt Agatha (fb from Batman #656)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–83. “Batman A-Go-Go” by Mike Allred/Lee Allred (Solo #7)
–84. “Work That’s Never Done” by James Patrick/Steve Scott (Batman Confidential #49)
–85. “Broken Nose” by Paul Pope (2nd ft to Batman: Gotham Knights #3/B&W)
–Batman gives Batgirl another chance (r in Huntress: Year One #4-6)
–86. Huntress: Year One #4-6 by Ivory Madison/Cliff Richards
–87. The Judas Coin by Walt Simonson
–Batman & Green Lantern vs Time Commander (r in JLofA Vol. 2 80-Page Giant #1)
–Batman gets annoyed with pop-crime (fb from Batman #682)



–Starbreaker debuts (fb from JLofA v.2 #29)
–Batman meets Marvel’s Daredevil (Unlimited Access #2)
–Batman & Robin travel to Mantegua (fb from Batman Inc #3)
–Batman & Bat-Woman drugged by Spyral (fb from Batman #682 & Batman Inc #4)
–Batman turned into Bat-Creature (r in Batman Inc #4)
–Bat-Woman breaks up with Batman (fb from Batman Inc #4)
–Batman goes into depresssion (fb from Batman #682 & Batman Inc #4)
–Batman has Rainbow Creature hallucination (fb from Batman #673-674)
–Simon Hurt debuts, implants hypnotic suggestions into Batman (fb from Batman #673-674)
–Batman vs Riddler; debut of Nick Pierce (fb from Batman 80-Page Giant 2011 #1, Pt. 6)
–Batman travels to 853rd century (DC One Million 80-Page Giant #1)
–March. Mercy Stone kills pit fight opponent (fb from LOTDK #37)
–Robin exclaims his love of crime-fighting (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #75)
–Mercy Stone dies (fb from LOTDK #37)
–Batman adopts yellow oval costume (r in Teen Titans Year One #1)
–Aquaman marries Mera (fb from Aquaman Vol. 2 #4)
–Elasti-Girl marries Mento (r in Saga of the Swamp Thing #44)
–Batman and Robin fight thugs (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #13)
–Batman and Robin pose for picture (r in Teen Titans Spotlight #14)
–88A. Teen Titans Year One #1-3 / fb from Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #2
–Kid Flash meets Batman (fb from Flash Vol. 2 #210)
–Batman, Robin, & Batgirl team-up (fb from 2nd ft to Birds of Prey #127)
–Batman busts gangsters (fb from Detective Comics #600)
–Late March. Robin vs. Stan Rutledge (fb from Robin Annual #4)
–Late March. The 100 debut (fb from Batman & Superman: World’s Finest #5)
–Robin & Batgirl defeat Crazy Quilt (fb from Nightwing Annual #2)
–88B. Teen Titans Year One #4-6 by Amy Wolfram/Karl Kerschl
–Deadshot debuts (fb from Deadshot #1)
–Batman vs Riddler (fb from B&W 2nd feature to Batman: Gotham Knights #47)
–Terrible Trio debuts (r in Detective Comics #832)
–Batman and Robin bust Joker (fb from Batman: Shadow of the Bat #34)
–89. Catwoman: Defiant by Peter Milligan/Tom Grindberg
–Batman, Robin, and Batgirl vs Riddler (fb from Birds of Prey #100, 2nd ft to GK #47, & ‘tec #600)
–90. “No Escape” by Paul Kupperberg (Batman: Gotham Knights #29/B&W)
–Batman dies, gets revived by Atom (r in JLofA v.4 #58)
–Batman & Robin defeat Riddler (fb from Batman #713)
–Batman & Robin defeat Joker at soup factory (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #62)
–The Construct debuts (r in Justice League International #11)
–JLA, JSA, & Legion defeats Mordru (r in Action Comics #864)
–Early June. Joker learns location of JLA HQ (fb from Hourman #16)
–Batman teaches Robin how to use guns (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #33)
–Batman & Robin defeat Poison Ivy (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #36)
–Late June. Snapper Carr resigns as JLA mascot (fb from Hourman #8)
–Late June. The JLA misses Snapper (fb from Hourman #16)
–Firestorm and Zatanna join JLA (r in JLA Incarnations #3)
–91. “Like a Tombstone in the Sky” by John Ostrander/Val Semeiks (JLA Incarnations #3)
–Batman & Manhunter defeat The Council (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #22)
–Batman disses Green Lantern (fb from Blackest Night #0)
–Batman defeats Prof. Milo’s werewolf (fb from Batman #683)
–Batman defeats The Gargoyle (fb from Batman #477-478)
–Joker’s “Five-Way Revenge” (fb from Trinity #18 & Batman #683)
–Batgirl defeats Scarecrow; Batman talks with Gordon (fb from Booster Gold Vol. 2 #5)
–Batman & Robin defeat Rafferty Bros, keep trophy (r in Robin Vol. 2 #13)
–92. “Snitch” by Robert Loren Fleming/David G. Klein (LOTDK #51)
–93. “Sanctum” by Dan Raspler/Mike Mignola (LOTDK # 54)
–94. “All the Deadly Days: Chapter One” by Dale Eaglesham (Batman 80-Page Giant #3)
–95. “Last Call at McSurley’s” by Mike W. Barr (Batman: Gotham Knights #25/B&W)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (fb from 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–Batman argues with Hal Jordan (fb from Blackest Night #0)
–Falseface debuts (r in Batman #700)
–Batman & Robin defeat super-villain “face” team (r in Batman #700)
–Batman defeats Wrath (r in Batman Confidential #13)
–The Case of Matuchima; Batman keeps trophy*
–JLA defeats Titus (fb from JLA Classified #51 & JLA Classified #53-54)
–Batman & Robin solve unspecified case, get gorilla (r in Christmas With the Super-Heroes)
–Batman & Robin solve unspecified case, get rocket (r in Christmas With the Super-Heroes)
–Dr. Gruener debuts as The Reaper (r in Batman #692)
–X-Mas. Batman & Robin solve case, celebrate X-Mas (fb from Christmas With the Super-Heroes)
–Booster Gold & Goldstar time-travel from 2010 to fix timestream (Booster Gold v.2 #11-12)
–Batman & Flash defeat debuting Carl Bork (fb from Power Company: Bork #1)
–Batman drops piano on Clayface II (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #44, Part 2)


YEAR NINE (1997)

–Batman vs. Joker (fb from Teen Titans Spotlight #16)
–Batman vs Catwoman and her Cat Burglars (r in Detective Comics #569)
–Alfred becomes Outsider (fb from Batman #682 / r in Nightwing Ann. #2 & Batman #683)
–Dick professes love to Babs (fb from Nightwing Annual #2)
–JLA suspends the Teen Titans (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 Annual #3)
–The Green Dragon Case (fb from Teen Titans Spotlight #14)
–Batman defeats Joker gang team-up (fb from Batman #682)
–debut of Flippy (fb from Shadowpact #6)
–villains take advantage of Prof. Nichols’ time-device (fb from Batman #700)
–Joker holds knife to Robin’s throat (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #62)
–debut of Darkseid (r in Legends #1)
–96. Batman: Batgirl by Kelley Puckett/Matt Haley
–97. “Joker Tips His Hat!” by Ed Brubaker/Stefano Guadiano (Batman #600, Pt. 3)
–Red Tornado joins JLA (r in Stars & STRIPE #9, Stars & STRIPE #0, & JLofA v.2 #0)
–Kathy Sutton debuts (r in JLofA Annual #3 & JLofA v.2 #1)
–Late March. Dick moves to New York (fb from Batman #600)
–Late March. Bruce moves to penthouse, Batman to bunker; Alfred writes stories (fb from Batman #682)
–Late March. Bruce starts short-lived Victims Inc (r in Batman #402 & Batman Inc #6)
–Late March. B&S vs Mxy and Bat-Mite (fb from B&S: World’s Finest #6)
–Teen Titans disband (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 Annual #3)
–Joker ends pop-crime phase, starts dark phase (fb from DCU Legacies #5)
–Crime Doctor debuts (r in JSA #59)
–Englehart’s “Dark Detective” arc (r in LOTDK #132-136, Batman #600, ‘tec #825, Batman: The Last Angel, & Secret Origins Vol. 2 #44 / fb from Batman #600 & Deadshot #1)
–New Teen Titans form (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 Annual #3)
–Booster time-travels from 2010 to fix timestream again (Booster Gold v.2 #21-24)
–98. “Night of the Bat” by Len Wein (Swamp Thing #7/Batman Hidden Treasures #1)
–99. “The Saga of Ra’s al Ghul” TPB by Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams / fb from Batman Incorporated Vol. 2 #2
–100. “Duel” by Denny O’Neil/Jim Aparo/Keith Giffen et al (LOTDK Annual #1)
–101. “Dark Messenger of Mercy!” by Len Wein (Batman #307 / 2nd ft to DC Retroactive: Batman—The 70s #1)
–102. ”TreasureQuest” by Dan Jurgens/Mike Norton (Metamorpho: Year One #6)
–JLA defeats Dr. Destiny (fb from Sandman Vol. 2 #2)
–Batman versus Jennifer Blake (fb from Batman: Absolution)
–Babs learns Dick is dating Starfire (fb from Nightwing Annual #2)
–Babs starts dating Jason Bard (r in Birds of Prey #1 & Batgirl: Year One #9)
–Teen Titans fight JLA over Raven (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 Annual #3)
–Batman, Superman, Robin vs Epoch (fb from Superman/Batman #79-80)
–Manhunters & Mark Shaw debut (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #22)
–Dick drops out of college, moves to NYC (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #13)
–Batman & Talia vs Gregorian Falstaff (r in DC Retroactive: Batman—The 70s #1)
–103. “Terror Times Three!” by Len Wein/Tom Mandrake (DC Retroactive: Batman—The 70s #1)
–“Lazarus Affair” (r in DC Retroactive: Batman—The 70s #1)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–104. “Siege” by Archie Goodwin/James Robinson/Marshall Rogers (LOTDK #132-136)
–Dick tries to fit in at gala (fb from Secret Origins Vol. 2 #13)
–Maxie Zeus debuts (r in Batman #470)
–Ultra-Humanite debuts (r in New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #38)
–Batman & Flash defeat Carl Bork again (fb from Power Company: Bork #1)
–Vicor Zsasz debuts (r in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1)
–debut of The Question (fb from Detective Comics Annual #1 & The Question #2)
–Tom Tresser debuts (r in Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #2)
–The Sensei splits from Ra’s al Ghul (r in Batman Inc #4 & Deadman Vol. 2 #1)
–Deadman debuts (r in Deadman Vol. 2 #1 & Batman/Deadman: Death and Glory)
–Batman & Deadman defeat The Clown (r in Batman/Deadman: Death and Glory)


YEAR TEN (1998)

–Batman learns about Tommy Carma (r in Batman #402)
–JLA poses for photo (r in Identity Crisis #7)
–Bruce goes on Rome business trip (r in Batman: Europa #4)
–debut of Black Lightning (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #6)
–Power Girl debuts (fb from JSA Classified #1)
–Batman vs Ra’s al Ghul; Batman finds Lazarus Pit oasis (fb from Year One: Batman—Ra’s al Ghul #2)
–Zook debuts, becomes JLA mascot, is hated by Batman (r in Superman/Batman #31)
–Batman berates Zook; Zook leaves (fb from Superman/Batman #31)
–JLA vs Weapons Master (r in Superman/Batman #31)
–Big 3 pose for Tex Thompson photo (r in Hero Hotline #5)
–Batman, Deadman, Cleveland Brand vs Sensei (r in Deadman Vol. 2 #1)
105. “Return… To Forever” by Andrew Helfer/José Luiz Garcia Lopez (Deadman Vol. 2 #1)
–Sensei & Bronze Tiger “kill” Kathy Kane (r in Batman Inc #4)
–Brainwave debuts (r in Blackest Night #1)
–JLA does marriage pool (r in ff from JLofA Vol. 2 #0)
–Secret Society of Super-Villains debuts (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #23)
–Catwoman joins Secret Society (r in JLA #119)
–Matter Master debuts (r in JLA #115)
–Catwoman joins Injustice League (r in Silver Age / JLA #46)
–Late March. Batman & Superman have spring meeting (r in B&S: World’s Finest #4-10)
–Bruce begins funding Family Finders Inc (r in Detective Comics #598)
–Batman builds gargoyle lockbox (r from 2nd ft to Gotham Knights #42)
–Batman defeats Packrat (r in Legends of the DCU #13)
–106. “Critical Mass” by Christopher Priest/Ken Lashley (Legends of the DCU #13)
–Adam Strange debuts (r in Green Lantern: Circle of Fire #1)
–April. Mind-wipe scandal part one: Agamemno/Injustice League body-swap affair (r in Silver Age / JLA #46)
–Mind-wipe scandal part one continued: JLA mind-wipes Catwoman (fb from Catwoman Vol. 3 #50)
–Batman begins collecting info on friends (r in JLA #46)
–April. Mind-wipe scandal part two: Secret Society body swap affair (fb from Identity Crisis & OMAC Project)
–Walter Lanier holds charity event (r in New Titans #65)
–Batman mind-controlled, shot by Green Arrow (r in JLofA v.2 #4)
–Batman & Jason Burr vs Kobra (r in Faces of Evil: Kobra #1)
–JLA accepts dirty money from Tulane Bryce (fb from JLA 80-Page Giant #1)
–Paul Sloane debuts (fb from Detective Comics #777-782)
–Dick shows off early Nightwing costume design (fb from Batman #682)
–Professor Radium debuts (r in Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #4)
–Batman and Robin defeat the Spook (fb from Batman: Gotham Knights #46)
–Batman reveals secret ID to Catwoman (r in Detective Comics #569)
–group of heroes defeat group of villains (r in Batman #703)
–Getaway Genius gets cancer, Batman lets him go (fb from Batman #703)
–Joker rages; Winslow Heath debuts (fb from Detective Comics #867-870)
–Batman, Robin, Phantom Stranger vs Hellerites (r in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5)
–Batman & Robin defeat Death Man three times (fb from Batman Inc #2)
–Batman & Robin defeat Penguin; Tim learns their secret IDs (fb from Secret Origins 80-Page Giant #1)
–Late May. Joker nearly kills Robin (r in Batman: Orphans #1 & Nightwing Vol. 2 #134)
–Late May. Dick quits as Robin, returns to NYC, but eventually rejoins Batman (fb from Nightwing Vol. 2 #134-135)
–Batman & Robin argue (fb from Batman #713)
–107A. June. “Nightwing: Year One, Ch. 1-3″ by Scott Beatty/Chuck Dixon/Scott McDaniel (Nightwing Vol. 2 #101-103)
–Dick returns Robin costume to Batman (fb from Batman: SOTB #34)
–Batman defeats The Squid (r in 52 #25)
–Batman defeats Sewer King (r in 52 #25)
–July. Mind-wipe scandal part three: Dr. Light rapes Sue Dibny; JLA mind-wipes Batman (fb from Identity Crisis & The OMAC Project)
–108. July. “Super Powers” by Marc Guggenheim/Jerry Bingham (Batman Confidential #50-54)
–August. Mind-Wipe Scandal part four: JLA mind-wipes The Top (fb from Flash Vol. 2 #215)
–Batman teams with Tom Tresser vs The Council (r in Wonder Woman Vol. 3 #2)
–Late August. Babs gets Master’s Degree, begins campaigning for Congress (in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #20)
–Batman vs Queen of Hearts & Jack of Clubs (fb from Batman #472)
–September. JSA & JLA vs Spirit King; death of Mr. Terrific (fb from JSA #61)
–JLA, JSA, & 7 Soldiers vs Iron Hand; death of Red Tornado (r in JLofA v.2 #0 & Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #0/ fb from Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E. #9 & JLofA v.2 #0)
–Tiki Rivera debuts (r in LOTDK #209)
–109. “Black Orchid Ch. 2: “Going Down…” by Neil Gaiman/Dave McKean (Black Orchid #2)
–debuts of Black Spider (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #28)
–debut of Film Freak &amp (r in Batman #492)
–debut of Firebug (r in Detective Comics #690)
–Batman vs Joker at Antique Society (fb from Detective Comics #617)
–Killer Moth learns Batman’s ID, hits head, forgets it (r in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #8)
–Mirage debuts (fb from Detective Comics #511)
–Ten-Eyed Man debuts (r in 52 #30)
–Wilson & Fiona debut (r in 80-Page Giant Vol. 2 #1)
–The Dark Rider debuts (r in Batman #515)
–Early November. Babs elected to Congress (in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #20)
–Babs gets engaged to Jason Bard (r in Birds of Prey #1 & Batgirl: Year One #9)
–Glass Man debuts (r in Robin #153)
–110. “Scars” by Kelley Puckett/Jim Balent/Rick Burchett (Batman: Batgirl—Girlfrenzy! #1)
–Batman impregnates Talia al Ghul (fb from Batman #683 & Batman Inc Vol. 2 #2 / r in Batman: Son of the Demon)
–Karl Kyle debuts (r in Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #3)
–Batman defeats Killer Moth (r in Harley Quinn #10)
–Two-Bear Brothers debut ((r in Harley Quinn #9)
–things get even rockier for the JLA (r in JLA Incarnations #4, Part 1)
–November 25. Batman puts roses on Crime Alley (r in 2nd ft to ‘tec #782)
–Markovian Civil War starts (r in Secret Origins Vol. 2 #6)
–111. “Balance” by John Ostrander/Val Semeiks (JLA Incarnations #4, Part 1)
–Batman forms Outsiders (r in & fb from Secret Origins v.2 #6)
–Late November. Halo & Katana move into penthouse (r in Secret Origins v.2 #6)
–Outsiders vs Force of July (fb from DC Universe Legacies #5)
–Outsiders vs Agent Orange (r in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #47)
–Outsiders vs Ahk-Ton (fb from The Outsiders #21)
–Outsiders vs the Aurakles (fb from Secret Origins v.2 #6)
–JLA disbands, Detroit JLA forms (r in JLA Incarnations #4, Conclusion)
–the wedding of Donna Troy (fb from JLofA v.2 #0)
–Big 3 meet at Challengers Mountain (fb from JLofA v.2 #0)
–Batman tells Superman & Wonder Woman about Jason (fb from JLofA v.2 #0)
–Batman teaches Jason “Sprang-Aparo combo” (r in Convergence: Batman & Robin #2)
–107B. Dec. “Nightwing: Year One, Ch. 4-6” by Scott Beatty (Nightwing Vol. 2 #104-106)
–112. Dec. “Two of a Kind”/”Second Chance” by Max Allan Collins/Dave Cockrum (Batman #410-411)
–December. Batman, Robin, & Wonder Woman save Superman from Mongul (fb from Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1)
–Jericho debuts and joins Teen Titans (r in New Teen Titans Vol. 2 #13)
–Batman & Robin vs Black Mask (fb from Catwoman Vol. 3 #83)
–Outsiders vs Kobra (r in The Outsiders Annual #1)
–Batman teaches Black Lightning (r in Justice League of America Vol. 2 #3)
–December 23. Dick returns old costume (fb from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2)
–December 24. Batman gets injured (fb from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2)
–Batman shows-off new Robin to Nightwing (fb from Batman & Robin #23)
–Batman and Nightwing argue about Jason (r in Batman #416)
–Batman defeats Scarecrow (fb from Joker’s Asylum: Scarecrow #1)


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28 Responses to Years 1-10

  1. Michael says:

    Is Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet officially canon? I didn’t see it on here, and I thought you might want to include it.

    • Collin Colsher says:

      “The Gauntlet” is a tricky one. Parts of the story are definitely incorrect (continuity-wise), but most of the narrative (its fundamental plot elements) are canonical. So, basically, it does belong on our list, but I’m not sure in what capacity. I’ve added it right after “Dark Victory” (in Bat-Year Six) via a bullet note that explains everything in more detail. Thanks for spotting its lack of inclusion though, Michael. If you think “The Gauntlet” deserves more recognition than that, let me know!

  2. Michael says:

    I also think Fortunate Son should be on this list.

    • Collin Colsher says:


      • Collin Colsher says:

        Sorry, didn’t mean to be snarky there, but I’ve included a bunch of information that seems to point this story in the direction of non-canonicity. Nothing I’ve come across has made me feel otherwise in regard to this one. We’ll have to agree to disagree! 🙂

  3. Zinger says:

    I have been trying to collect the life and career of Batman in TPB form, starting back at Year One. Has there been any thought into putting together a list like that, of the collected editions? Just curious.

    Fantastic site, keep up the good work!

    • The fabulous and wonderful TPB Reading Order has a list you might enjoy. The creator of TPB Reading Order, Ian, used The Real Batman Chronology Project as one of his primary resources when compiling his Batman chronology, so if you like my site, then I’m sure you’ll find his quite useful as well!

      And thanks for the comment and for frequenting TRBCP!

  4. Brad C says:

    Hey Collin
    Kind of an over-arching question. I’ve gotten a big collection of trades that I’ve put in a pretty solid order thanks to your site,, &, and now I’m starting to collect one shot’s & graphic novels. I was wondering how do you know where to put those in your chronology?

    • Hi Brad,

      It’s a simple process—although one that can quickly become frustratingly difficult. First, I usually see if the comic in question can be placed near other stories that share the date of its publication. And second, I always look for internal narrative clues, such as topical references, references to other stories, season, characterization, costume choice, etc… If nothing in the book seems to be giving any clues whatsoever, but you know it definitely cannot be placed near other stories that share its publication date, then it’s up to us to make the best judgement.

      Thanks for the question!

  5. Eric Mcclain says:

    Does this chronology contain all batman/ dc feat. Batman comics up until 2011 from 1986?

  6. Rebel says:

    Collin – great site and job we’ll done. One question – for all the ‘non-canon’ stories, from the very popular to the seemingly trivial, do you have a list of (a) why they are not canon and (b) where they might be placed given resolution or correction to continuity or other issues which deemed the story non-canonical? There seems to be a lot of great material out there not included in your list that I might not otherwise be exposed to that I’d be interested in checking out.

    I understand this would be a monumental and somewhat ‘fuzzy’ task to accomplish, but something like ‘Fortunate Son would have been placed here but is not included because of A, B, and C” would be awesome. I know some comments are interspersed throughout but something in index format that would be an addendum to the Year ‘X’ lists is what I was thinking of.

    Thanks again and keep it up!

    • I’ve often been asked to compile a list of non-canon items. I wish I would have done that from the start. At this point, it would be tough to compile a complete and accurate list. But who knows? Maybe 2014 is “the year of the non-canon list.” Until then, just look for the footnotes and commentary within the timelines. It’s not ideal, but it is what it is.

      Thanks for your support, Rebel.

      Happy New Year!

  7. Bondr says:

    Hi, which is the place of CACOPHONY, gives me the impression that it is located even before “No Man’s Land” Since at the end of the story Gordon reminds Batman all the tragedies that has caused the Joker, leave disabled Barbara, killing Jason Todd, etc, but fails to mention the most important thing for him, the death of his wife Sarah Essen, occurred at the end of “No Man’s Land”. Hopefully I clear the point. Best regards.

    • Hi Bondr,

      Cacophony definitely has to go after “No Man’s Land” because Onomatopoeia debuts after “No Man’s Land” as a rival to Green Arrow. Also, Batman’s costume places it after “No Man’s Land.” However, all of these are moot points since Cacophony is non-canon for a bunch of reasons. First, there is no time period where Joker can be out-of-action for five months. Also Maxie Zeus’s status and characterization don’t seem to jibe with any period on our timeline. Furthermore, Cacophony acts as a prequel to the unfinished Widening Gyre, which has a million of its own continuity issues that make it impossible to place on any timeline. Futher still, Widening Gyre (and Cacophony by association) acts as a follow-up to Steve Englehart’s Dark Detective, which is 100% non-canon as well. If anything, all of these stories take place on a Kevin Smith Bat-verse, which also includes that time Batman peed himself during Miller’s “Year One.”

      If a gun was put to my head and I had to absolutely place Cacophony on our timeline, it would likely go shortly after Infinite Crisis.

  8. Bondr says:

    Hello again, Batman Noel is canon? Would which be your reading order?

  9. Bondr says:

    Hello, what the reading order of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight No. 50? You go before or after Batman: The Man Who Laughs? Thank you.

    • Legends of the Dark Knight #50 contradicts The Man Who Laughs (and many other comics as well) in more ways that I care to list. They both tell the story of Batman’s first encounter(s) with Joker. However, a cursory reading of the two will show that they cannot both exist in the same universe. LOTDK has long been considered non-canon by fans and editors alike and cannot fit on any timeline, especially one that includes The Man Who Laughs.

  10. Bondr says:

    Is Batman: Son of the Demon (1987) officially canon? Why not?

    • While the essential elements of Son of the Demon are canonical, the story itself, as Grant Morrison says, is “kind-of-out-of-continuity” for a bunch of reasons. All relevant info regarding this story can be found on the YEAR TEN page. The blurb about Son of the Demon was, I’ll admit, a bit oddly worded and hard to understand. I’ve made a few changes based upon your query, so hopefully it makes more sense! Let me know if you have more questions. And thanks for checking out the site!

      • Bondr says:

        Ok , thank you very much , just TEN YEAR review and now I have everything clear . I congratulate you on your excellent site, is the best in terms of continuity of batman.

  11. Bondr says:

    Hi, Is Batman: LOTDK 89-90 officially canon?

    • Bondr says:

      Hi, sorry to bother you, and I found the answer right there
      in the note 9 of the Year One . Thank you very much and best regards.

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