The New Age

In spring of 2017, the multiverse-shattering conclusion to “Superman Reborn” in Action Comics #976 gave us an out-and-out full reboot, ending the New 52 timeline. Subsequent “Superman Reborn Aftermath” issues, “The Button” crossover, and Action Comics #978 all re-confirmed the reboot as well. In “Superman Reborn,” the meddling of Mr. Mxyzptlk and the undefined seemingly-cosmic powers of Superboy cause the spirits of New 52 Superman and New 52 Lois Lane to merge with Modern Age Superman and Modern Age Lois Lane. A new merged timeline, which combines both Modern and New 52 histories of these characters, is created. With this unholy merger of radically different pairs of characters, not only is Superman reborn, but the entire DCU is as well.

How do we handle the new timeline? Since it appears as though we could have another reboot—at least a soft one—with the Watchmen event in summer 2018, this means that much of the DCU published post-“Superman Reborn” falls into an INTERIM PERIOD, firmly outside of the realm of the New 52 (reflecting “Superman Reborn” changes) yet prior to any changes that could occur as a result of the Watchmen stuff. In essence, all comics from late spring 2017 until summer 2018 are the equivalent of a reboot crossover à la the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, but the big difference is that Crisis lasted 12 issues whereas this “reboot arc” will comprise all of DC comics for more than a year. That’s a lot of issues and, as such, it is sine qua non to hold this New Age as an interim era… that is until Doc Manhattan comes a-knocking. There are many possibilities for the future, and many unanswered questions too. Could we wee a return to the 23 to 25 year long timeline? Could continuity comics at DC be thrown out completely? Is it even really Dr. Manhattan pulling the strings?

In any case, the New 52 is dead. Welcome to the official NEW AGE TIMELINE. Because this timeline is so new and still in its interim phase, please keep commentary to a minimum during this early construction phase.


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