Salad Days

New Age (Post-“Superman Reborn”) Salad Days






–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21 and Batman Vol. 3 #22. Bruce Wayne is born to Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne in Gotham City. He is raised by the Waynes and their trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 #22-23. A young Bruce poses with his parents for a professional photograph and a painted portrait, both of which he will keep and cherish long into adulthood.

–FLASHBACK: From Batman Vol. 3 #22. Bruce falls into a cave filled with bats underneath the Wayne Manor grounds. His dad rescues him. (This cave, of course, will one day become the Batcave.)

–REFERENCE: In ???. Bruce meets Dr. Leslie Thompkins, who will remain a close friend for decades and become a mother-figure to him.

–REFERENCE: In All-Star Batman #10. Bruce becomes best friends with young Tommy Elliot, hanging out with him often. Hating his parents, the troubled Tommy secretly severs the brake line of the Elliot’s car, causing an accident that kills his father and permanently injures his mother.

–REFERENCE: In ???. Bruce befriends and spends quality time with young Zatanna Zatara, daughter of stage magician (and secret legit magick user) John Zatara.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21-22 and All-Star Batman #10. Thomas and Martha Wayne are tragically murdered by smalltime crook Joe Chill, leaving young Bruce in the primary care of Alfred. Dr. Leslie Thompkins will also care for Bruce time-to-time as well. A funeral is held and the Waynes are buried in a cemetery in Gotham. This is a stark difference from all previous comic book ages. Previously, the Waynes were buried in the family plot attached to Wayne Manor. In the New Age, this is no longer the case and there is no family plot.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21—originally told in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5. An amnesiac 21st century Bruce, thanks to Darkseid’s Omega Sanction, gets trapped in the time period shortly after the murders of his parents. While young Bruce is on a trip with Alfred, time-traveling adult Bruce gets involved in film noir-esque family-related intrigue, including an occult demon-summoning ritual held by the criminal organization called The Black Glove—including members Simon Hurt, John Mayhew, Carter Nichols, and others. When Nichols betrays the Black Glove, Bruce is able to use his Omega energy to activate a prototype time machine of Nichols’ own design, escaping to 100 Billion CE.

–REFERENCE: In All-Star Batman #10—originally told in All-Star Batman #1-5 (“MY OWN WORST ENEMY”). A depressed Bruce is sent to live in a hospital for troubled youth, the Arkham Home, in Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Bruce only stays there for a couple months before returning to Alfred’s care at Wayne Manor, but during this time he meets and befriends a young Harvey Dent.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21. A teenage Bruce tries to recover the gun that was used to murder his parents, but he is unable to find it.

–REFERENCE: In ???. Bruce leaves the States to go on a long training adventure overseas. This training will last for years before he returns to Gotham.

–REFERENCE: In ???. Bruce, while training abroad, meets and befriends tech-savvy businessman Lucius Fox.

–REFERENCE: In ???. Bruce trains with master detective and bounty hunter Henri Ducard and his son Morgan Ducard.