Year Thirteen



–REFERENCE: In ???. This item is canon due to a connection to “I am Bane.” Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin bust the debuting Eduardo Flamingo—a flamboyant assassin representing Simon Hurt’s Mexican El Penitente drug cartel.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21—originally told in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #2-4 and Batman & Robin #10-12. This item is canon due to its link to Batman & Robin #13-16. Months have passed since Bruce was trapped in time due to Darkseid’s Omega Sanction. A time-displaced Bruce now leaps from 1640 to 1718 where he has a pirate adventure. Bruce then leaps from 1718 to the late 19th century where he becomes a masked cowboy vigilante on horseback, starting a full-scale war-on-crime against outlaws. From there, Bruce leaps to the time period shortly after his parents’ deaths. Meanwhile, in present day, Batman (Dick Grayson), Robin, and a disguised Joker fight Simon Hurt’s army known as The 99 Fiends. In the past, Bruce gets involved in an occult ritual being held by the Black Glove members Simon Hurt, Carter Nichols, and others. Nichols betrays Hurt, allowing Bruce to jump to Vanishing Point at the literal End of Time. From the End of Time, Bruce leaps back to the present day with the Hyper-Adapter in tow. With the help of the Justice League and Red Robin, the Hyper-Adapter is defeated and is sent spiraling backward through time.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21—originally told in Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #6 and Batman & Robin #13-16. This item is canon because of its link to Batman Incorporated Vol. 1 and Batman Incorporated Vol. 2. Simon Hurt and his army of 99 Fiends takes over Gotham, capturing Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin. Batman (Bruce), having arrived from the past only minutes ago, helps the Bat-Family defeat Hurt. Joker buries the immortal Hurt alive.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1—originally told in Detective Comics #857-860 and flashbacks from Detective Comics #948-949. Batwoman (Kate Kane)—guided by her dad Jake Kane—debuts and trails Batman, spying on him. Batman then surprises Kate at home, telling Kate that he doesn’t approve of her vigilantism but won’t stand in her way. Unknown to Batman and Batwoman, they are secretly watched via hidden camera that belongs to Jake Kane’s clandestine paramilitary group known as The Colony. (The Colony has been watching Batman since his debut.) Jake and his top man Simon Samuels (codenamed “Colony Prime”) view Batman conversing with Batwoman. A couple days later, after lunch with cousin Bruce, Kate realizes that Bruce is Batman and that he is testing her. Shortly thereafter, Batwoman fights her maniacal long lost twin sister Elizabeth “Beth” Kane, who returns to Gotham as Alice, the crazed super-villain leader of The Religion of Crime. Alice attempts to bomb Gotham Harbor, but is stopped by Batwoman, Kyle Abbot, and Jake Kane. Alice seemingly perishes during the chaos after falling into the harbor from a plane. Angry at her dad for keeping the details about Alice a secret, Kate cuts off all communication with Jake.

–REFERENCE: In Superman Vol. 4 #21—originally told in Batman Incorporated #1-8, Batman Incorporated Vol. 2 #0, and Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes!. Bruce initiates Batman Incorporated, a massive enterprise that will see international Bat-agents working to fight crime all over the globe. Outside of the Bat Family, Batman recruits Commissioner Gordon, Lucius Fox, Traktir, Spidra, Katana, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Freight Train, Looker, Halo, Batman Japan, Batwing (David Zavimbe), a new Dark Ranger, Ravil, Nightrunner, Man-of-Bats, Red Raven (formerly “Little Raven”), Gaucho, The Hood, Knight, Squire, and a new Legionary. In addition, Batman meets with Jason Todd and they reconcile. Jason joins Batman Incorporated as the new Wingman. (As we learn in a reference in Justice League/Power Rangers #4, Batman puts Jason’s Red Hood helmet into the Justice League Trophy Room, likely to act as a symbol to his fellow superhero friends of how he has righted a big wrong from his past.) Batman Incorporated soon becomes aware of the threat of Leviathan, a widespread criminal organization. After fighting Leviathan all over the globe, Batman Incorporated discovers that the evil organization has infiltrated the covert ops group known as Spyral. After a huge battle against ex-Nazi Otto Netz (Doctor Dedalus) that appears as a loss for the good guys (and during which Robin kills Netz), Talia Al Ghul reveals herself as the leader of Leviathan. After this episode ends, Dick returns to his Nightwing moniker.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21. The Justice League obtains several items: papal vestments and mitre, the Mars rover, a hydrogen bomb, and Voyager II—all of which go into the JL Trophy Room. These are likely gifts from the Vatican, NASA, and the US Army.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 2 #23—originally told in Batman & Robin Vol. 2 #2. Bruce buys Damian a dog, which Damian names Titus. In the New 52 Titus was a Great Dane. In Batman Vol. 2 #23, he is drawn as German Shepherd. Not sure if this is artist liberty or a retcon.

–REFERENCE: In ???—originally told in Batman & Robin Vol. 2 #1-8. In Moscow, Morgan Ducard (now going by the super-villain name “Nobody”) murders Batman Incorporated agent Ravil. In Gotham, now that Batman (Bruce Wayne) is done recruiting for Batman Incorporated, the Dark Knight separates Damian from Dick to make his son his official full-time partner. Batman and Robin fight Ducard. Much to the chagrin of his father, Damian kills Ducard.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 #23—originally told in Batman & Robin Vol. 2 #10 and Batman & Robin Vol. 2 #40. Bruce, Dick, Tim, Damian, and Alfred gather at Wayne Manor to pose for a family portrait. Sorry Jason! Or maybe Jason chose not to show up. In the New 52, this painting went unfinished for a full calendar year until Damian himself finished it. We can assume that, in the New Age, the painting is completed right now.

–REFERENCE: In ???—originally told in “NIGHT OF THE OWLS.” The secret illuminati group known as The Court of Owls strikes, reanimating their zombie warriors known as Talons to attack Gotham. The Bat-Family fights the Court of Owls and defeats them. Batman learns that the Court of Owls has controlled Gotham for hundreds of years and that one of its leaders is mayoral Lincoln March, who claims to be Bruce’s biological older brother Thomas Wayne Jr. Batman defeats March and ends the threat of the Court of Owls.

–REFERENCE: In Superman Vol. 4 #21—originally told in Batman Incorporated Vol. 2 #1-13. Talia Al Ghul’s international terrorist organization known as Leviathan, has secretly corrupted all facets of Gotham. Batman and Robin stop a Leviathan shipment of poisoned meat from entering Gotham’s markets—and take one of the healthy bovines as a pet, which Robin dubs Bat-Cow! Batman Incorporated takes on Leviathan at Wayne Tower as Talia unleashes the monstrous Heretic—an adult clone of Damian that still has his youthful face. The Heretic kills Squire and Robin. After funerals are held, Batman mourns the loss of his son and vows revenge. Talia takes control of Gotham, making Wayne Tower her HQ and demanding the immediate and permanent legal shutdown of Batman Inc. With his operation officially kaput, Batman seeks the help of Azrael Michael Lane, who returns the mystical Suit of Sorrows back to the Caped Crusader. Lane also gives Batman the fiery Sword of Azrael. Batman then gets some Man-Bat Serum from Dr. Kirk Langstrom. After micro-dosing to pump-up and donning some Azrael gear, Batman attacks Leviathan by himself head-on. Batman fights and defeats the Heretic, who is killed by Talia for his failure. Shortly thereafter, in the Batcave, Batman duels Talia, who is shot dead by a returning Kathy Kane, secret head of the spy agency Spyral. Batman keeps the Suit of Sorrows after these events. As referenced in Justice League/Power Rangers #4, Batman puts the Sword of Azrael in the Justice League Trophy Room.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League/Power Rangers #4. Having won back the trust of his old friends, Jason Todd is accepted back into the fold. Returning to his Red Hood name, Jason will still teeter on the edge of villainy, but he will now be a full-fledged Bat-Family member again.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21. Batman makes an armored exo-suit, which he stores in the Batcave.

–REFERENCE: In ???—originally told in Batwing #19-20. Batwing David Zavimbe retires from crime-fighting. Batman passes the mantle of Batwing onto famous professional MMA fighter Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox.

–REFERENCE: In Harley Quinn Vol. 3 #20. Batman learns that Harley Quinn has moved to Coney Island, Brooklyn. Harley, despite being a member of the Suicide Squad and constantly in-and-out of prison, is attempting to live a straight(er) life in New York. Basically, Harley will live a dual life, mostly free of the Suicide Squad but still beholden to them for missions every once and a while.