Year Twelve



–NOTE: Via reference in Doomsday Clock #6. Oracle adds the new rookie Judomaster (Sonia Sato) to her rotating Birds of Prey lineup.

–REFERENCE: In Batgirl Vol. 5 Annual #1. Superman’s cousin, Supergirl, debuts.

–REFERENCE: In the second feature to All-Star Batman #11 and the second feature to All-Star Batman #14. Bruce learns of the horrific mafia-related activities of the richest family on the planet, the Myasnik Family of Russia, led by its patriarch Papa Myasnik and his daughter Victoria Myasnik (aka “Princess Vik”). Despite being notoriously criminal, the Myasniks control entire countries and are untouchable by the law. Bruce will follow news and rumors about the Myasniks with keen interest, moving forward.

–REFERENCE: In Shade the Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special #1, Justice League Vol. 3 #39, and Adventures of the Super Sons #1. The Justice League reboots its lineup yet again and also builds two new state-of-the-art headquarters: the Hall of Justice in Washington DC and a new orbiting Watchtower satellite. Unlike in previous eras, the Watchtower on the moon still stands, although it remains unused.

–REFERENCE: In Green Arrow Vol. 6 #37. Batman meets the violent superhero Manhunter, who is secretly high-profile attorney Kate Spencer.

–REFERENCE: In Harley Quinn Vol. 3 #38—originally told in Batman #659-662 (“GROTESK”). Cyborg vigilante Grotesk (Wayne Franklin) begins assassinating Russian and Yakuza mobsters and stealing their body parts. Batman rescues Johnny Karaoke (head of the Yakuzas) and fights Grotesk, who accidentally falls to his death.

–REFERENCE: In Superman Vol. 4 #37. Batman collects a Lightning Rod, a mystical future artifact from the alien Lightning World of Winath. The Lightning Rod has the power to trap beings connected to the Speed Force. It can also sometimes be used to resurrect the dead at the expense of the life of another. In previous continuities, the Lightning Rod was an item linked to the 31st century’s Legion of Superheroes. However, in the New Age, we don’t know how Batman acquires it.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #5-6—originally told in Green Lantern Vol. 4 #15-17 (“WANTED: HAL JORDAN”). After being falsely accused of murder, Hal Jordan goes on an illegal mission to rescue his friend Cowgirl in Russia. There, Hal fights an army of Rocket Reds, a bunch of alien bounty hunters, and some mind-controlled Global Guardians—Jet, the Tasmanian Devil, Gloss, Crimson Fox (either one of the originals or a new one, unknown), Freedom Beast (Dominic Mndawe), Manticore IV, and Sandstorm. The Justice League arrives and offers Hal support. (Hal will soon be found innocent of all charges.) Meanwhile, deep in the Antimatter Universe, Sinestro recruits members for his new group of Yellow Lanterns known as the Sinestro Corps. Hoping to turn Batman into a Yellow Lantern, he rockets a yellow power ring through the multiverse and onto Earth-0. The ring slips onto Batman’s finger and he freaks-out. However, Batman is able to use his willpower to reject the ring’s influence, sending the cosmic jewelry on a new search. Afterward, Batman has no idea what has just occurred. The yellow ring intended for Batman moves on and selects Amon Sur (son of Abin Sur) as the newest member of the Sinestro Corps.

–REFERENCE: In Dark Days: The Forge #1 and Doomsday Clock #5. Batman disbands the Outsiders and forms a new version of his covert-ops team, featuring Martian Manhunter, Grace Choi, Thunder, Catwoman, Francine Langstrom, Green Arrow, ReMAC, The Creeper, Owlman (Roy Raymond Jr), Freight Train, and Olympian. The Outsiders will continue going on unspecified missions and investigating the “dark energy” signature found in geological anomalies across the globe. (Note that Cassie Cain was originally a member of this Outsiders team in the Modern Age, but it is unlikely—although not impossible—that she is a member of this team in the New Age.)

–FLASHBACK: From Batman Beyond Vol. 8 #10 and Deathstroke Vol. 4 #32—and also referenced in Superman Vol. 4 #20, Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1, Deathstroke Vol. 4 #30, and Deathstroke Vol. 4 #34. Originally told in “BATMAN AND SON.” Talia al Ghul attacks Gibraltar with ninja man-bats, dropping a sword-wielding ten-year-old Damian al Ghul in Batman’s lap. Batman is shocked to learn that he has a son. Batman brings the wild and haughty boy home to Wayne Manor, but Damian immediately raises hell, beating up Alfred and nearly killing Robin after impaling him on a stalactite in the Batcave. Damian then kills the Spook when the super-villain kidnaps Gotham’s corrupt new political leader, Mayor Sebastian Hady. Batman returns to Gibraltar (with Damian) when Talia strikes again, ending her threat. Despite Damian’s protests, the boy returns to the League of Assassins with his mother. Back in Gotham, Batman, who has secretly taken some of Damian’s DNA, confirms that the boy is indeed his genetic offspring via testing.

–REFERENCE: In Dark Nights: Metal #1-2 and Nightwing Vol. 4 #29—originally told in Batman #664-665 and Batman #667-679. Bruce begins dating Jezebel Jet. Batman defeats Josef Muller and Branca, Simon Hurt’s returning Substitute Batmen. Later, John Mayhew invites all the old members of the Club of Heroes to a reunion on his private island. Batman, along with Knight (Cyril Sheldrake) and the new Squire (Beryl Hutchinson), attends the reunion, which includes all the other former members. Hurt appears via remote live video feed, explaining that he controls the criminal organization known as the Black Glove and the heroes will soon suffer. The Legionary and the Ranger (now going by “Dark Ranger”) are both killed by a traitorous Wingman, who reveals he is in league with the Black Glove. Unfortunately for Wingman, the Black Glove is just using him. Mayhew shoots Wingman dead. Hurt, from his secret distant location, makes sure that Mayhew is fatally stranded on the island as a bomb is activated. Batman is now aware of the Black Glove, but he knows virtually nothing about the organization, and has yet to learn of Hurt’s involvement with the group.

–REFERENCE: In Deathstroke Vol. 4 #32—originally told in Batman Annual #26. Dusan al Ghul (Ra’s al Ghul’s biological son, aka “The White Ghost”) initiates a plan—based on a combination of his father’s “if I die” contingency and an 18th century prophecy—wherein which The Demon’s Head will be resurrected using Damian’s body as a host. (Talia has long known about the prophecy and her dad’s desire to use Damian as a vessel for his immortal soul, but she’s never been down with the idea.) Talia and Damian avoid an ambush by Dusan al Ghul and some League of Assassins ninjas, after which Batman shows-up to finish-off the bad guys.

–REFERENCE: In Dark Nights: Metal #2, Super Sons #15, and Doomsday Clock #6—originally told in “UNLIMITED.” Lex Luthor, Joker, and the Cheetah start up a new incarnation of the Injustice League. Over two dozen super-villains gather at Luthor’s mobile Hall of Doom HQ in the Everglades. Notable villains on the roster include Luthor, Joker, the Cheetah, Dr. Light, Poison Ivy, Parasite, Deathstroke, Gorilla Grodd, Mr. Freeze, Giganta, Cheshire, Fatality, Manticore III (Saied), and Shadow Thief. Despite facing overwhelming odds, the better organized Justice League defeats the IJL.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #958 and Deathstroke Vol. 4 #32—originally told in “THE RESURRECTION OF RA’S AL GHUL.” Ra’s al Ghul is resurrected, but thanks to the machinations of his rival pop Sensei, his soul winds up in the poisoned body of a League of Assassins underling! At a League of Assassins hideout in Tibet, Talia introduces Damian to his grandfather, but Ra’s al Ghul isn’t a sentimental guy. He immediately demands use of Damian’s body to use as a host vessel. Talia and Damian flee, with the latter running to Wayne Manor for protection. Eventually, Robin and Damian are captured by ninjas and brought to Tibet. After Talia gives Batman the 12th century Suit of Sorrows, magickal armor linked to an ascetic splinter sect of the Order of St. Dumas known as The Order of Purity, the Dark Knight is ready for action. In Nanda Parbat, Batman, Nightwing, Alfred, and Talia wind up fighting two sects of the League of Assassins: one loyal to Ra’s al Ghul and the other loyal to the Sensei. Eventually, the Sensei is defeated and the boys are saved. Ra’s al Ghul is forced to leave his poisoned body and soul-hop into his son Dusan’s body. (This not only kills Dusan’s spirit and soul, but also erases his physical traits as Ra’s al Ghul’s physical traits replace them.) Ra’s al Ghul then assumes sole control of the League of Assassins once again. Batman and company then fight Ra’s al Ghul’s super-team known as The Seven Men of Death (Merlyn, a resurrected Hook, Maduvu, Shellcase, Whip, Detonator, and Razorburn) until Rama Kushna kicks everyone out of Nanda Parbat. Talia runs off with Damian. Afterward, Batman keeps the Suit of Sorrows as a trophy in the Batcave.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #5-6—originally told in Checkmate Vol. 2 #24-25 (“CASTLING”). The Checkmate organization learns that Kobra has gained access to the remnants of Lex Luthor’s old “Everyman Project” and used it to turn normal human beings into homicidally insane metahumans. Checkmate officials Valentina Vostok, Carl Draper (aka Castellan aka Master Jailer), Sasha Bordeaux, and Mr. Terrific brief the Justice League, Global Guardians, Hayoth, Ghost Fox Killer, and others on the situation. This large contingent of heroes then begins a global assault on Kobra. Batman secretly leads the Outsiders, who assist from the shadows, during the assault. Eventually, the heroes are aided by Checkmate’s own Rooks (Sebastian Faust, Cinnamon, Gravedigger, and GI Robot JAKE 6.1) to defeat Kobra and rescue a bunch of babies that had been kidnapped in order to be brainwashed into the next generation of cultists.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21—originally told in Tangent: Superman’s Reign. Earth-0’s heroes—including Batman—travel to Earth-9 where Tangent Superman (Earth-9 Harvey Dent) rules as dictator alongside his lackeys, Tangent Powergirl and Tangent Orion. Batman and Earth-0’s heroes join forces with Tangent versions (Earth-9 versions) of the Spectre, Green Lantern, Batman, and the Outsiders to fight the evil tyrants. Eventually, Tangent Superman, along with Tangent Ultra-Humanite, attacks Earth-0, prompting heroes and villains to unite in defense of the planet. Tangent Superman is defeated and sent back to Earth-9, where he is imprisoned. Afterward, the Justice League keeps Tangent Superman’s staff and Tangent Green Lantern’s lantern as trophies for their “lost and found” room.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #5—originally told in Nightwing #145. Evil scientist Creighton Kendall kidnaps Chinese metahuman Mother of Champions, a member of the Chinese metahuman team known as Great Ten. Mother of Champions has the super-ability to give birth to litters of twenty-five metahuman babies every three days. Kendall has kept Mother sedated and artificially inseminated her round-the-clock, spawning over 200 super-babies. The only problem is that the babies age ten years daily, making their development really screwed-up and making their lifespan about ten days long. Kendall brainwashes Mother’s winged-metahuman children and sends them (on days two through four of their development stage) to kill Nightwing. Nightwing defeats his attackers, and apprehends one of them, who continues aging rapidly. Nightwing brings the now old man to visit Batman and Robin. After the Dynamic Duo interrogate the poor creature, they depart to deal with Ra’s al Ghul. Meanwhile, Nightwing teams-up with Talia to save Mother of Champions and defeat Kendall.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21—originally told in Trinity. The “Evil Trinity” of Morgaine Le Fey, Enigma (Earth-3’s Edward Nigma), and Kanjar Ro steal the Cosmic Egg from the Watchtower, using it to build a loyal but paltry squadron of metahuman soldiers. Le Fey is able to cast a spell on the “Good Trinity” of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, which sends the trio to prehistoric Earth-1 where they lose all memory and sense of their humanity, becoming giant gods that rule over the planet for thousands of years! Meanwhile, on Earth-0, the existence of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman gets erased, radically altering the timeline. Altered heroes, after fighting the “Evil Trinity”—now consisting of Le Fey, Enimga, and Konvikt—cast a spell of their own, transporting themselves to Earth-1. There, they meet the super-god versions of the “Good Trinity” and everyone remembers the way Earth-0 is supposed to be. The super-god “Good Trinity” and the altered heroes return to Earth-0 where Superman uses his god-powers to return everything back to status quo. Still in giant super-god form, the “Good Trinity” battles a bunch of villains, including the “Evil Trinity”—now Le Fey, Despero, and Krona (who has escaped from the Cosmic Egg). Krona destroys the entire planet. Only the super-gods survive. With help from the cosmic Worldsoul (the literal soul of Earth-0), the super-gods defeat Krona in space, exiling him to Earth-1. The Worldsoul reforms Earth-0 and returns everyone back to life. The super-gods, on their own accord, morph back into regular Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Afterward, the Cosmic Egg is returned to the Watchtower Trophy Room.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #960. Batman once again discovers the existence of the League of Shadows, but, as before, Ra’s al Ghul and his minions capture and magickally mind-wipe Batman’s memories regarding the illuminati organization.

–REFERENCE: In Action Comics #1001. Batman takes down a heavily-pierced punk crook named Scallop, sticking her with several razor-sharp Batarangs in her ear and down her shoulder and back. Scallop will keep the Batarangs in her flesh as new permanent “piercings.”

–the second feature to All-Star Batman #10-14 (“KILLERS-IN-LAW”)
Batman learns that the Myasnik Family, a Russian mob organization, is set to ship guns to Gotham to start a war against the Falcones, so he takes-out Russian bruiser Knockout (Alexey Nokaut) and assumes his identity. After studying the geography of Moscow, disguising himself as Knockout, and traveling to Russia, Batman competes in a series of bare-knuckle pit fights before meeting the heir to the Myasnik crime organization, Princess Vik (Victoria Myasnik). After getting legitimately drunk to keep up appearances, Batman (as “Knockout”) accompanies Princess Vik on a stealing raid of a building belonging to the rival Pushka Family. While the tipsy Batman busts heads, Vik lifts a matryoshka doll. Together, they flee. Later, at a party, Vik introduces “Knockout” to Papa Myasnik. During the party, Batman sneaks off and takes apart the matryoshka doll to find GPS coordinates to an illegal Pushka weapons depot at its center. Vik enters, exposing the truth about “Knockout” and forcing Batman to make a quick escape. At the Pushka weapons depot, Batman fights mafioso, taking a bullet in his arm. Batman is forced to retreat, but not before putting a geo-tracer on one of the gun boxes. Later, Batman spies on the Myasniks, learning that they now know about his humbug as “Knockout” and are planning on moving forward with the gun shipment ASAP. Batman then fights Princess Vik atop a moving caravan of trucks before departing to steal a truckload of Pushka weapons. Not long after, Batman strikes at both the Pushkas and Myasniks in a scene that sees multiple explosions and reveals Papa’s dirty secrets, including the fact that he killed his own wife (Vik’s mom). Utterly betrayed and downtrodden, Vik stabs her dad to death. With all the Russian mob weapons irreparably destroyed, Batman returns home. Vik becomes the new head of the Myasnik crime empire.

–REFERENCE: In All-Star Batman #10—originally told in “BATMAN RIP – HEART OF HUSH.” Hush, who has permanently surgically altered his face to look exactly like Bruce, returns and attacks Batman and Catwoman. The Dark Knight saves Catwoman’s life and busts Hush.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21 and Nightwing Vol. 4 #29—originally told in “BATMAN RIP.” The Black Glove organization makes waves in Gotham as Michael Lane, Simon Hurt’s third Batman substitute, returns and attacks Batman. Batman finally recalls the name “Simon Hurt,” which had been previously blocked from his mind, and realizes that Hurt is responsible for messing with his head during sleep deprivation. Batman’s post-hypnotic word, “Zur-En-Arrh,” is triggered causing him to go into convulsions. He is drugged by Hurt and dumped on the streets. The eccentric villain then dons Thomas Wayne’s old masquerade ball Bat costume and turns the Batcave into his new HQ. Intoxicated and suffering from memory loss, Bruce’s Thögal mental backup defense kicks in and he becomes the bizarre “Batman of Zur-En-Arrh!” Hurt and the Black Glove lure the “Batman of Zur-En-Arrh” to Arkham to face-off against Joker in a life-and-death battle. Eventually, Batman shakes off his Zur-En-Arrh insanity, regains his composure, and defeats Joker, Hurt, and the Black Glove with the help of the Bat-Family and Talia al Ghul. Talia chases down Jezebel Jet and kills her as well. During the chaos, the Order of Purity steals the Suit of Sorrows from the Batcave.

–REFERENCE: In Batgirl & The Birds of Prey #11. Thanks to a sci-fi cure, Barbara Gordon makes a miraculous recovery, completely regaining the use of her legs. She retires the Oracle moniker and begins training to return as a full-fledged street-fighting superhero.

–REFERENCE: In Flash Vol. 5 #21, Flash Vol. 5 #33Detective Comics #958, Batman Beyond Vol. 8 #7, Dark Days: The Forge #1, Dark Days: The Casting #1, Dark Nights: Metal #1-2, Batman: Lost #1, Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1, Dark Nights: Metal #6, The Unexpected #1, and Sideways #7—originally told in Final Crisis, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1-2, “BATTLE FOR THE COWL,” and Batman & Robin #1-3. Darkseid, having recently been killed by Orion, was able to send his own spirit backward through time and resurrect himself into a human host body called “Boss Dark Side.” Now, using Metropolis Police Detective Dan Turpin as a new host vessel and empowered via the discovery of the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid is able to get revenge and kill Orion and plan conquest of Earth. A new Mr. Miracle (Shilo Norman), the only hero aware of Darkseid’s return and plot, recruits Japans’ Super Young Team (Shiny Happy Aquazon, Lolita Canary, Most Excellent Super Bat, Big Atomic Lantern Boy, and Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash) to combat the dark lord. Rising Sun, leader of the stuffier elder Japanese superhero team known as Big Science Action, publicly denounces Super Young Team. Using the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid completely takes over Earth. His men capture Batman and torture him in a failed attempt to clone him. As the entire multiverse begins to collapse, several fearful heroes fill a rocket ship time capsule with memorabilia and historical items, hoping to preserve them. The rocket is launched into the disintegrating Bleed, with hopes that it will reach some distant unharmed reality or alternate universe. Flash, racing away from The Black Racer (a New God that exists as an aspect of Death), causes the latter to run smack-dab into Darkseid, ending the tyrant’s control over the planet. Just before his final defeat, Darkseid zaps Batman with the Omega Sanction, which sends the Dark Knight spiraling backward in time to 38,000 BCE. A deadly Hyper-Adapter monster and the rocket ship time capsule also travel with Batman, who will only be able to time-leap forward during solar eclipses. As per Darkseid’s plan, the Hyper-Adapter will be connected to Batman’s movements, making him a living weapon that could doom the entire universe should he successfully reach present day. In the present, Superman and the other heroes—including the last Monitor Nix Uotan—rally to save the exposed multiverse from the opportunistic threat of evil former Monitor Mandrakk. After the multiverse is saved, the world mistakenly believes Batman is dead thanks to the Bat-clone corpse. Friends and family mourn Batman’s passing and bury the clone. Hush is forced to play the role of Bruce Wayne to avoid suspicion. Michael Lane is given the Suit of Sorrows from the Order of Purity, becoming the new Azrael. Dick Grayson becomes the new Batman and Damian—moving back to Gotham and finally taking his father’s last name of Wayne—becomes the new Robin. They operate out of the Wayne Tower sub-basement bunker. Meanwhile, in 38,000 BCE, an amnesiac Bruce bears witness to the death of an elderly Anthro (one of the last of the Bear Tribe) before getting involved in a war between two Native American tribes, the Deer People and Vandal Savage’s Wolf Tribe (which also goes by several other names, including Wolf Clan, Blood Mob, and Blood Tribe). The defeated Hyper-Adapter, in giant bat form and having retreated backward to 38,000 BCE from the End of Time, is slain by Savage. Bruce dons the flesh of the Hyper-Adapter as a gimcrack cape-and-cowl and then defeats Savage in combat. (Unknown to all, the celestial synchronicity of an anomalous confluence of bats—a cosmic bat monster being slain and then worn by a bat warrior—has drawn the attention of Barbatos—evil bat-demon god of the Dark Multiverse. From his realm, Barbatos sees Batman for the first time and becomes obsessed, realizing that, despite the fact that Batman won’t exist for 40,000 years, he will one day be able to use the Caped Crusader as a doorway to enter the regular multiverse via an occult ritual known as “The Mantling.” Thus, via actions of the Hath-Set-led Bat Tribe and, later, the Strigdyae priests of the Judas Tribe, Barbatos initiates and executes his sinister plan, which will last for 40,000 years and involve subtle manipulation of Bruce life, once he is born.) After meeting Bruce, the Deer People change their tribal name to Miagani, meaning “Bat People,” and vow to protect the land that will become the future site of Gotham. Inspired to make bat-themed cave drawings and take on bat-themed customs, the Miagani will do so for thousands of years to come. Nomadic tribes will re-draw the bat-pictures in Eurasia and the Middle East, spreading bat-worshiping religions across the globe as a result. (As per Barbatos’ influence, the Bat Tribe will form, followed by the Judas Tribe, and, eventually, Parliament/Court of Owls.) With a solar eclipse, Bruce then leaps to the Puritanical Gotham of 1640 where he fights the Hyper-Adapter and then assimilates into society by taking the name “Mordecai Wayne.” Bruce lives a quiet life in 17th century Gotham for months while the new Batman and Robin have adventures in present-day Gotham.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1, Detective Comics #974 Part 2, and Deathstroke Vol. 4 #34. Now that Damian Wayne is the new Robin, a disgruntled Tim Drake angrily confronts Dick about his place in the Bat-Family. Dick and Tim argue about what has happened to Bruce, with the latter refusing to accept that he is gone. Dick essentially fires Tim from the Bat-Family, leading to Tim not only moving out of Wayne Manor and into his own apartment, but also dropping his Robin moniker to become a solo hero called Red Robin. Red Robin sets up a high-tech “Robin’s Nest” HQ in a secret location in Gotham, although Batman (Dick) knows where it is. Dick will pass along the hidden “Robin’s Nest” address to Bruce when he eventually returns.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman Vol. 2 #11—originally told in Batman & Robin #1-3. The new Batman (Dick) and Robin fight The Circus of the Strange—Mr. Toad, Big Top, Siam (Kushti), and Phosphorus Rex—in a losing effort. Redeeming themselves, they take down the vilest member of the Circus, Professor Pyg (Lazlo Valentin), a porcine psycho that burns masks onto the faces of his brainwashed Dollotron henchwomen. (Unknown to Batman and Robin, the Circus of the Strange is run by Simon Hurt.)

–REFERENCE: In Deathstroke Vol. 4 #34. Worried that their first outing was a little rough and that chemistry is lacking, a nervous new Batman (Dick) hatches a sneaky plan to win over Robin. Dick forges a letter from Bruce to Damian, basically urging Damian to support Dick as Batman in the event of his death or absence. Damian immediately realizes that it’s fake, but accepts the letter anyway. Batman will have to earn Robin’s respect the old fashioned way.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #2. Bruce’s annual Wayne Enterprises psych exam is held as usual. However, since Bruce is currently lost in time, he definitely isn’t around to take it. Thus, we must assume that the Bat-Family strong-arms the surgically-altered Hush (who is currently playing the role of the lost and presumed-dead Bruce) to fake his way through the test.

–REFERENCE: In Batgirl & The Birds of Prey #11. Barbara Gordon returns as Batgirl!

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