Year Sixteen (Part 2)


(July 2017 to December 2017)


–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 Annual #2 Part 2. Is this canon? Who knows? I sure hope so! Bruce and Selina get married. Bruce tells Selina all about his training with the Memory of the Mountain when he was sixteen-years-old. Bruce will tell this story to Selina time and time again, moving forward.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #2. December 7. Dr. Helga Jace’s “Supermen Theory” gains extra traction (and is basically ubiquitously validated by the global public) when Dr. Kirk Langstrom publicly admits that his Man-Bat experimentation has always been secretly sponsored by the Department of Metahuman Affairs. Yet another of Batman’s allies has been working for the government on the down-low. Public trust in the metahuman community instantly drops. Meanwhile, LexCorp, in an effort to upgrade its metagene research, finalizes purchases of Kord Industries, Genetech, and the Sunderland Corporation.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #2. December 11. In the wake of the latest “Supermen Theory” revelations, Russia forms a military alliance with Markovia.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #2. December 19-20. Sparked by the latest “Supermen Theory” revelations, Lex Luthor unleashes a highly-funded all-out anti-metahuman campaign. He demands that all superheroes and super-villains unmask, to which Superman publicly rebukes. Metamorpho’s longtime girlfriend Sapphire Stagg publicly turns on both Metamorpho and her father, Simon Stagg. The next day, as Bruce attends the Martha Wayne Mental Health fundraiser, Lex Luthor funds an act of industrial espionage aimed at stealing metagene research information from Wayne Enterprises. This failed thievery leads to the arrest of four Wayne Enterprises employees. Bruce speaks with the media about the situation and also reveals that Wayne Enterprises is purchasing Stagg Industries. Luthor, as he is so good at doing, denies involvement and distances himself from the crime completely. Undeterred by his inability to pilfer the metagene research, Luthor tries another means—corporate takeover. Luthor counters Bruce’s announcement by announcing his own interest in a LexCorp buyout of Wayne Enterprises, appealing directly to the Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors.

–REFERENCE: In Doomsday Clock #3. Batman retires his costume and tailors a new model with a raised yellow-oval chest symbol.