Year 8



–Justice League of America #60
January 1. In the wee hours of the first day of the new year, Queen Bee Zazzala strikes against the Justice League, hoping to mind-control them. Notably, she interrupts Martian Manhunter’s ongoing investigation into the criminal organization known as VULTURE, but she is unable to mind-control him. However, Batman, Atom, Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Flash all turn into tiny winged drones subservient to Zazzala. Batgirl, having followed Batman, arrives in an attempt to rescue the Justice Leaguers. Soon, however, Batgirl is turned into a tiny drone slave as well. The Justice Bees are teleported to different planets on various missions for Zazzala, who needs them to gather items to make a medicine that will prevent paralysis—a side effect from an immortality serum she has ingested. Batman, Batgirl, and Green Arrow go to the planet Peremunda where they meet the native talking tentacled trees and bring the gift of rain before getting vials of radioactive liquid. Back on Earth, the JLers deliver the goods to Zazzala, but the joke is on her. The anti-paralytic they whip-up is actually an anti-immortality concoction. The Atom then grows to normal size and kayos Zazzala before turning his friends back to regular size.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #316—originally told in Star Spangled Comics #123. Batman leaves town on unspecified business, leaving Robin to fight and defeat the debuting Crazy Quilt on his own. Batman won’t meet Crazy Quilt for quite some time.

–REFERENCE: In Action Comics #359 Part 1. Superman is arrested for murder when he seemingly kills a man during an exhibition boxing match (as seen in Action Comics #358). In actuality, the victim is killed by Dr. Frost who gave the boxer a suicide pill. Superman posts bail, but the news shocks the nation. Bruce, despite being a resident of Gotham, uses some sort of crooked big money pull to get himself on the jury duty selection, scheduled for a couple weeks from now.

–FLASHBACK: From The Untold Legend of the Batman #1—originally told in Batman #47.[1] Early January to mid January. Batman and Robin stumble upon a trucking company that is sneaking fugitive criminals across state lines. When Commissioner Gordon shows Batman a photo of their boss Joe Chill, Batman instantly recognizes him as the man that killed his parents. Batman and Robin spend a couple weeks chasing after Chill until Batman finally confronts him one-on-one. Batman retells the story of his parents’ murders and unmasks with the resounding cry, “I am the son of the people you murdered! I know [what happened to the Waynes] because I AM BRUCE WAYNE!” Chill runs into the adjacent room and tells his trio of henchmen (who each have a history with the Caped Crusader) that he killed Batman’s parents, thus spawning the vigilante hero. His trigger happy buddies, instead of calmly learning Batman’s secret ID, freak out about the fact that Chill “created” Batman and blast him with a barrage of gunfire. Batman, who has been tailing Chill, busts in, beats the bad guys into submission, and holds Chill in his arms until he dies.

–FLASHBACK: From Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #117. For fun, Superman organizes a special rocket ship “Guided Tour of the Universe.” Along for the trip are Batman, Robin, and 30th century Legionnaires Duo Damsel, Lightning Lad, Mon-El, Star Boy, Princess Projectra, Phantom Girl, and Shadow Lass. During the tour, the heroes accidentally wind up on Earth-117 where they are spied-on by the Jor-El of Universe-117, who is a super-villain called Dr. X. Superman is able to quickly return his group back to Universe-1 where they continue the guided tour.

–FLASHBACK: From The Untold Legend of the Batman #2. Batman and Robin bust up some gangsters at a grocery store.

–Detective Comics #371
Bruce gets tickets to Gotham’s fancy medieval costume ball known as The Royal Happening, which is set to occur in a few days. He also arranges a date to accompany him. When the Sports Spoilers—a sports-themed gang—evade Batgirl while playing radball, Batman and Robin nab a few of them. A dejected Batgirl—complete with Bat-purse—blames her “feminine instincts” for allowing the crooks to get the better of her. Hoo boy, here we go. Over the course of the night, the Dynamic Duo makes eleven more busts. The next day, Batman and Robin chase after the Sports Spoilers again. At a saw mill, the heroes fight the log-rolling villains but get defeated when Batgirl arrives and gets startled, letting out a shrill scream. Again preoccupied with her “shortcomings” as a woman, she fails. For the next few nights, the snakebitten Batgirl gets made a fool of by the Sports Spoilers. When the vile gang kills Batman and Robin’s informant Stuffy, Bruce cancels his plans to attend the Royal Happening, giving his tickets to Jim and Barbara Gordon. There, the Sports Spoilers strike again, this time in jai alai gear. Batgirl decides to use her feminine wiles to her advantage this time, showing off her sexy legs to distract the baddies. The move works like a charm and the Spoilers get kayoed. Thank glob this one is over.

–The Brave and The Bold #76
When Batman faces-off against the Molder and his Plastoid robots, Plastic Man saves his life! Batman quickly returns the favor, piecing together Plastic Man when the Molder cuts him to bits. Later, the Molder causes Plastic Man to uncontrollably and rapidly expand his body, drowning Batman in rubbery flesh. Commissioner Gordon orders his men to bazooka Plastic Man, which causes his head to fly off into the Molder’s lair where he fixes himself by drinking a chemical solution. Free of Plastic Man’s body, Batman defeats the Molder.

–Batman #199 Part 2
Batman and Robin go on an unspecified case with Batgirl, after which they upgrade the Batcave and Batmobile with the latest anti-bugging tech. Later, when a new crime-wave rolls over Gotham, Batman and Robin are on the case, but are unable to locate the criminals. A few days later, Bruce gets his picture taken as part of a newspaper story about Wayne Enterprises. The following night, the Dynamic Duo catches up with the perps at an art gallery. When Robin gets kayoed, the baddies get away. But back at the Batcave, Robin is unmasked as one of the villains—a switcheroo has occurred with a disguised little person having replaced the kidnapped real Robin. With his secret ID exposed, Batman springs into action, knocking out the impersonator and dumping him back at the art gallery. After rescuing Robin and busting the rest of the gang, Batman returns to the art gallery and wakes up the little faker. The Dynamic Duo is able to trick him into thinking his experience in the Batcave was all just a dream.

–Action Comics #359 Part 1 Conclusion
Bruce is serves in the jury selection for Superman’s murder trial (for the death of a fighter during an exhibition boxing match a couple weeks ago) in Metropolis. However, the crafty prosecutor DA Kroll boots Bruce off the jury right away. Bruce stays as an audience member to watch the trial of the century as it unfolds over the course of the next few days. Despite having the aid of paraplegic top lawyer Earl Barton, the case goes badly for the Man of Steel. Eventually, Superman is able take the entire court room faster than the speed of light into deep space to view the images of his fight with the boxer that left the Earth weeks ago. Don’t ask how this works scientifically. While viewing the images, Superman spots evidence that links Dr. Frost to the crime. Back on Earth, Batman dresses up as Superman while Barton calls Frost to the stand, forcing him to reveal his suicide pills. Clark volunteers to eat a pill and does so, feigning death by stopping his own heart from beating. Not only is Superman exonerated, but the deceased boxer is revealed to be a crook, much to the dismay of his wife, Mrs. Noble. With Frost in handcuffs, the fake Superman “revives” Clark. Later, in an alley, Batman returns the Superman costume to Clark. To show his appreciation, Superman helps cure Barton’s paralysis.

–Detective Comics #372
By day, Bruce plays playboy, meeting and becoming romantically involved with the lovely Andrea. By night, Bruce plays Batman, investigating a series of robberies. When Dick is forced to study for weeklong exams, Batman goes on the case solo. After a clue leads him to the Royal Karonian restaurant, Bruce takes Andrea there. While on their date, Bruce ditches Andrea (prompting her to furiously dump him) to interfere in an alleyway fight adjacent to the restaurant. Bruce stops two men, dressed in traditional Balkan garb, from attacking another man, who flees. The Balkan-garb guys tell Bruce that he has allowed Karonian criminal Zoldin to escape. The next night, Bruce makes-up with Andrea, who accompanies him to the Karonian Festival where an acrobat performs an acrobat show, nearly injuring Bruce “by accident.” Bruce pops Andrea in a cab and sends her home again, prompting another furious break-up. Batman then tails the acrobat to a house where he finds a beaten-up Zoldin, who reveals he is a Karonian revolutionary hoping to overthrow the dictatorship in his nation. Before dying of his wounds, Zoldin admits that he has stolen the money to help fund his cause. At the Rainbow Hotel, Batman busts a bunch of Karonian nationalists and recovers the loot. Later, Zoldin’s wife speaks to Batman and Commissioner Gordon, exclaiming that she will carry on her husband’s mission. Batman and Goron show her no sympathy at all.

–Justice League of America #61
Green Arrow, having nearly been permanently body-swapped by an escaped Dr. Destiny, worries about Dr. Destiny pulling the same trick on his pals. Thus, Green Arrow tells the JLA that he’s retiring as a hero and that they all must do the same or face dire consequences. Unsure of what is going on, each hero (except for Wonder Woman and Snapper Carr) disguises themselves as Green Arrow in an effort to investigate. Batman—as Green Arrow—busts a Penguin, who instantly transforms into Green Arrow while Batman transforms into Penguin. Trapped in Penguin’s body, Batman goes to jail. Similarly, the other JLAers go to jail, each stuck in the body of villains—Lex Luthor, Tattooed Man, Cutlass Charlie, Captain Boomerang, and IQ. (All of these villains are fake, merely dream constructs created by Dr. Destiny.) The real Green Arrow trails the Atom and watches him combat a dream version of “Plant Master” Jason Woodrue. Before the false Woodrue can do the switcheroo, Green Arrow knocks him out. Green Arrow then busts Dr. Destiny, which reverts all the heroes to their normal state. At the Secret Sanctuary, Green Arrow explains all to his teammates. Dr. Destiny then unleashes the real villains—Penguin, Luthor, Tattooed Man, Cutlass Charlie, Captain Boomerang, IQ, and Jason Woodrue—upon the heroes. The JLA defeats them and stands victorious.

–Batman #200
February 3-4. In a big jailbreak, Scarecrow, Joker, Penguin, and Killer Moth all escape from prison. Scarecrow debuts a drug that gives one the metapower to instill great fear upon others. Pumped-up with the drug, Scarecrow reduces Batman and Robin into sniveling crybabies, who run home to Alfred. The ever-faithful butler gives motivates his surrogate sons to shake off their fear, strip down, sweat it out in the gym, and then take back to the streets. After easily apprehending Joker, Penguin, and Killer Moth, Batman finds straw on each villain—clues as to Scarecrow’s next heist. (During the Killer Moth bust, Robin name drops Sugar and Spike—the titular toddler characters of Sheldon Mayer’s beloved long-running DC series. While this is likely nothing more than a fourth wall-breaking Easter Egg moment thrown in by writer Mike Friedrich, I guess it is technically possible that the Boy Wonder could’ve met the little tykes at some recent point.) Batman and Robin soon confront Scarecrow and his goons again only to succumb to fear, resulting in capture. After escaping a death trap, the heroes scare Scarecrow right back to jail. Afterward, Scarecrow’s straw clues get filed into a special cabinet in the Hall of Trophies.

–Detective Comics #373 Part 1
Billionaire Ralph Porter acquires a new painting, after which he invites Bruce to come view it at his office. Later, Mr. Zero—with his prior sub-zero condition returned—publicly returns with a new name: Mr. Freeze! Coincidentally, Mr. Freeze steals Porter’s painting while Aunt Harriet falls ill and requires an emergency cryosurgery. Mr. Freeze’s use of his cryo-gun at the same time of Aunt Harriet’s surgery causes the latter to fail, putting Harriet in severe fatal danger. While Batman busts Mr. Freeze, Robin steals his freeze ray and delivers it to the surgeons, who use it to save Harriet’s life. After Bruce and Dick visit Harriet, Batman and Robin visit Harriet in the hospital the very next day.

–Detective Comics #373 Part 2
With Batman and Robin out of town on an unspecified case, Elongated Man fills-in and busts an escaped Riddler.

–World’s Finest Comics #174
When a scientist named Dr. Madden creates two supposed perfect replica androids of Batman and Superman, the real Batman and Superman offer to test them out. After uploading copies of their own brain maps and memory banks into the androids, Batman and Superman build a fortress in Canada that is filled with death traps, killer robots that look like the heroes’ dead parents, and Kryptonite laser grids. The androids (who really think they are the real Batman and Superman) are lured to the fortress where they are beaten, assaulted, and pummeled until captured. Batman and Superman then brutally torture the androids, forcing them to reveal their secrets. Having failed, the teary-eyed androids are shot to death by the merciless Batman and Superman. Sheesh. This is maybe one of the darkest single issues of the 1960s.

–Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 11/12/1967 to 3/18/1968 (“Shivering Blue Max, Pretty Boy Floy, and Flo” Part 2)
Commissioner Gordon charges the Dynamic Duo with the task of checking in on suicidal billionaire Tyrone Koom, who has locked himself in the penthouse of his downtown tower ever since the death of his astrologer three weeks ago. Gordon also wants the Dynamic Duo to retrieve Koom’s annual donation to the GCPD Youth Center. Batman and Robin crash into Koom’s penthouse (which has the air conditioning on full blast, despite the fact that it is winter time, so ignore that). Meanwhile, Pretty Boy Floy seemingly kills Blue Max Baron with plans of stealing his idea that involves Pretty Boy’s sister Flo Floy learning astrology to pose as “Madame Zodiac” to manipulate Koom. Batman and Robin spend a week building a brand new Bat-copter, which is faster than ever, has unlimited flight range, and is completely silent and fireproof. It also has a zoom camera, a retractable electro magnet, and a super-borate mist sprayer to put out fires. Soon after, Flo, as “Madame Zodiac,” encourages Koom to sell off his oil holdings. Pretty Boy then blows up one of his refineries, making it look like an accident. Batman and Robin see that is was arson and immediately visit Koom, who tells them about Zodiac’s prediction. After a quick visit with Barbara at the library, the Dynamic Duo tracks down Zodiac and delivers her to Koom. After learning that Zodiac is actually Flo Floy, Batman confronts her, but she has manipulated Koom into pointing a gun at Batman. Flo knocks-out Batman, but Koom refuses to kill, instead offering the idea of imprisoning Batman at his remote private island resort of Xandu. While Pretty Boy and his henchman Ape take the kayoed (and now drugged) Batman to an airstrip north of Gotham, Alfred and Dick follow thanks to Batman’s utility belt transmitter signal. With Batman en route to Xandu, Robin is confronted by a returning Blue Max, who offers his help, wanting to get revenge against the Floys. Together, they chase after the Floys’ plane only to witness Batman get dumped out the back. Robin sky dives and grabs Batman, parachuting him to safety. As they hit the ground, Robin breaks his leg, allowing the villains to recapture the groggy Batman and strand him on the luxurious island of Xandu. A few days later, a doctor tells Dick that his leg will take six weeks to heal. (This amount of time off just isn’t feasible on our timeline. Robin’s healing and rehab period has to be closer to half that time, meaning his injury must be quite less severe than a break.) Blue Max, having traced the license plate of Alfred’s car to Wayne Manor, successfully deduces the secret IDs of Batman and Robin! Blue Max—back in villain mode—visits Alfred and Dick to threaten them and then joins the Floys at Koom’s penthouse. There, the villains activate a self-destruct mechanism that will sink Xandu with an atomic bomb blast. Distraught, Koom presses a suicide button that fills his penthouse with cyanide, killing everyone.

–Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 3/19/1968 to 4/12/1968 (“Diabolical Professor Zinkk” Part 1)
Our story picks up where the previous arc ended. With Batman stranded on a doomed Xandu, the injured Robin calls Superman for help. The Man of Steel flies to Wayne Manor, but oddly loses his powers and collapses upon arrival. Superman contacts Aquaman to search for and rescue Batman. Aquaman collects Batman, whom he finds Batman swimming away from the island. Together they watch (from a safe distance) as an atomic mushroom cloud billows over Xandu. Later, Batman, Robin, and the still powerless Superman chill in the Batcave. (They talk about the supposed only “known piece of Kryptonite” left in the world existing in the Smithsonian Institute. I’m not sure if this is canon or should be ignored since there is likely more Kryptonite out there, known or unknown.) When Superman’s powers mysteriously come back, he flies home. Meanwhile, new super-villain Professor Zoltan Zinkk, claiming responsibility for Superman’s condition, tells a bunch of gangsters that he will get rid of Superman for good.

–REFERENCE: In Batman #294. Batman defeats the debuting Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #371. Batman and a still-injured Robin go in-disguise as guitar-playing hipsters in order to build rapport with some members of Gotham’s seedy underworld. They befriend a loudmouthed card-player named Stuffy, who gives them dirt on a bunch of unsavory characters.

–REFERENCE: In Detective Comics #372. Bruce has a fancy dinner at the plush Royal Karonian restaurant. For anyone wondering, Karonia is a dictatorship in the Balkans.

–REFERENCE: In Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 8/14/1968 to 8/23/1968 and Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 12/21/1968. Bruce arranges for a tutor Mr. Murphy to help Dick with his studies. Mr. Murphy works out a deal where he will live in Wayne Manor, along with his teenage daughter Gazelle Murphy, for the duration of Dick’s tutoring. The Murphys agree to come in a few weeks’ time. Bruce also sets up a round-the-world-cruise for the Murphys and Dick, along with a London trip for Alfred so he can visit his elderly mother—all scheduled to happen in a few weeks’ time as well.

–Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 4/13/1968 to 8/6/1968 (“Diabolical Professor Zinkk” Part 2)
Late February. A couple weeks have passed since Robin’s injury while dealing with the Floys. He finally gets his cast off and begins rehabbing. Batman goes on routine solo patrols for a couple more weeks. Meanwhile, Superman continues to suffers from random power loss courtesy of Professor Zoltan Zinkk. Batman and a fully-recovered Robin visit a powerless and now dying Superman at his Fortress of Solitude. They decide that consultation with a famous doctor, Dr. Harris, is the only course of action. Thus, a blindfolded Dr. Harris is brought to the Fortress where he determines that Superman has contracted fatal Kryptonite radiation poisoning. Back in Gotham, Batman equips Dr. Harris’ office for treating the Man of Steel. When a crazed and glowing Superman attacks Robin and runs-off in a panic, Batman and Robin chase him down. They knock down Superman with the spinning rotor blade of the Bat-copter, which seemingly kills the Man of Steel! (His heart has slowed to crawl that is undetectable by humans.) Unsure of what to do, the freaked-out Dynamic Duo wraps his lifeless body in lead-sheeting and drags it back to the Fortress. The Dynamic Duo then goes to the Smithsonian’s Kryptonite exhibit, which they learn has been visited and photographed a lot by a peculiar man. After some testing, Batman discovers that radioactive Kryptonite salt crystals can be made from exposed film emulsion of photos of Kryptonite! Meanwhile, Superman, thanks to the lead shielding, comes back to life, switches back to Clark mode, and returns to Lois. Batman then learns that the K-crystals are being sent into the air via radio waves. After an info-gathering meeting with one of the FCC heads and a brief investigation, Batman pins the attempted murder of Superman on Zinkk. The Dynamic Duo watches from afar as Clark visits with Zinkk and mercilessly toys with him. After revealing himself as Superman, Zinkk makes a successful escape by disassembling his molecules using a strange machine. Zinkk goes free, but at the cost of his body, becoming nothing more than an eerie floating disembodied voice.

–Detective Comics #364
March 1-5. Batman and Robin agree to ride on a float for Founder’s Day, for which a parade is scheduled to occur in a few days’ time. Later that day, Bruce reads about gold doubloons being stored at the Marine Warehouse. Later still, Bruce’s friend, Kevin Jackson, tells him that his family is departing for vacation. At night, Batman and Robin bust an escaped Riddler only to find a strange riddle left for them by another villain. The next day, Batman and Robin protect the gold, but find another riddle. The day after that, the Dynamic Duo prevents a robbery at the Jackson mansion and finds another bizarre riddle. Batman realizes that the riddles are hinting that their Founder’s Day parade float is rigged for death. After building and placing audio-animatronic versions of themselves on the float, the thing blows up. A disguised Batman and Robin collect a shocked Alfred from the crowd and realize that he is responsible for the riddles and the death trap! A sliver of the Outsider has remained in Alfred’s subconsciousness, causing him to act as a super-villain once again! The next morning, Alfred wakes with no recollection of his actions. Bruce and Dick don’t tell him a thing, hoping the Outsider is gone for good.

–Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 8/7/1968 to 12/15/1968 (“Breathing Underwater”)
Early March to mid March. (Note that this item picks up immediately where “Diabolical Professor Zinkk” Part 2 concludes. However, we must retcon-in a five day gap in which Detective Comics #364 can take place. This means that Batman, Superman, and Robin must return to the ruins of Zinkk’s lab to follow-up on the case five days later.) After wrapping-up the Zinkk case, the heroes head home. At Wayne Manor, Dick meets his new live-in tutor Mr. Murphy and his daughter Gazelle. When former party girl cum oceanographer Penny Candy does a death-defying stunt, swinging from a bridge without a safety net, Batman saves her, but they fall into the river below and are presumed dead by the media. Penny takes Batman to the oceanography lab of her father, Dr. Archimedes Candy, who was testing a serum that allows humans to breathe underwater when he was kidnapped by villains looking to get their hands on the stuff. After testing the miraculous serum, Batman phones Dick and tells him to send out a radio signal to contact Aquaman. Batman and Penny follow a small lead that takes them out to sea where they soon find Penny’s dad aboard the submarine of Cap’n Wolf and his gang of smugglers, including first mate Mr. Grimm. Once aboard the sub, Batman and Penny learn that fatal flaw in the serum, once you ingest it, you can only breathe out of water for an hour! Batman and Penny escape from the sub and get back on dry land. They hike through the mountains and barely manage to stay alive, eventually making it to a Coast Guard station and then back to Dr. Candy’s lab where Aquaman is waiting for them. Aquaman orders a pod of whales to force Wolf’s sub to the surface. Dr. Candy then reunites with his daughter after the effects of the underwater breathing serum wear off. Later, in order to teach Penny a lesson (for her stunt she pulled at the bridge), Batman has a judge give her a 90 day suspended sentence for interfering with police work. Batman then returns to the Batcave to find the self destruct mechanism on the Batcave elevator has been set off. (Dick set it off when Gazelle discovered the secret entrance.) Elsewhere, mobster Killer Killey, who has been studying Bruce Wayne for years, begins planning a crooked impersonation scheme with his girlfriend Kitten and underworld plastic surgeon Dr. Bela Frankenstein.

–Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 12/16/1968 to 5/30/1969 (“I Want Bruce Wayne’s Identity!”)
Mid March to mid April. Bruce gathers with the Murphys, Dick, and Alfred, all of whom are set to depart on their trips abroad (Alfred to London and the others on a cruise of the world). Despite their reservations, Dick and Alfred leave with the Murphys. That night, Killer Killey’s men break into Wayne Manor and knock-out and kidnap Batman, discovering his secret ID in the process. At Killey’s lair, Batman fibs that he is simply wearing the Batman costume to attend a masquerade. Nevertheless, the villains kayo him again and prep him for surgery. Six hours later, a bandaged Killey is cut to look like Bruce while a bandaged an unconscious Bruce is cut to look like Killey. (Their faces were already identical, so only the noses have been swapped.) Dr. Frankenstein has even surgically swapped their fingerprints! While Dick, Alfred, and the Murphys continue their long vacations incommunicado with Bruce, the villains keep Bruce drugged and sedated for a whopping six weeks! (There’s no way there’s room for this long of an absence—this has got to be closer to two or three weeks tops.) Oddly enough, the villains opted not to snuff out Bruce during his weeks in a coma, but instead dump him into the river. Thankfully, residual effects from Dr. Candy’s underwater breathing formula allow Bruce to survive. Soon after, Killey kills off Dr. Frankenstein and his henchmen. Meanwhile, Batgirl investigates into Batman’s disappearance. A dazed and confused Bruce (with Killey’s nose and partial amnesia) returns to the Batcave, suits up, and sends his fingerprints to the FBI, who ID them as Killey’s. Despite being mixed-up about his true ID, Batman goes on patrols just like old times anyway. Meanwhile, Killey (posing as Bruce) and Kitten (posing as Bruce’s new live-in secretary) greet the returning Alfred, who is immediately suspicious. To prove he is the real deal, Killey lists the birthdates for Bruce, Dick, Aunt Harriet, and Alfred. Note that the dates given are incorrect due to a retcon from the 1976 DC Calendar. Batgirl confronts Batman in the Batcave. Learning of his strange state, she vows to help him. After exposing Killey as a phony, Batgirl gets kayoed by Kitten and thrown into a dungeon. Dick returns home from abroad and immediately begins helping Alfred figure out what is going on, but is unable to prove “Bruce” is a fake. However, Killey gets exposed when his fingerprint skin grafts slough off. Turns out Dr. Frankenstein’s surgery was semi-botched and not permanent. Robin and Alfred confront the outed baddies only to get a gun pointed at them along with an evil monologue. Batman, listening-in, recovers his lost memories and joins Batgirl to save the day. Killey and Kitten drive-off, but blow up in a car bomb planted by the latter. While not shown, Batman and Robin presumably ask Batgirl to erase her knowledge of their secret IDs using hypnosis, which, as before, she likely does. While Batman and Robin wrap up the case, Paul and Paula Vanderbroke show up at Wayne Manor. Paula plans to propose marriage to Bruce!

–Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder News Strip 5/31/1969 to 6/22/1969 (“My Campaign to Ruin Bruce Wayne” Part 1)
Mid April to late April. Bruce—still with a “broken nose” i.e. Killey’s nose—and Dick meet with Paul and Paula Vanderbroke. Paula explains that she and her bro are now penniless. She asks Bruce to marry her, to which Bruce scoffs. The broke Vanderbrokes leave, vowing revenge. Later, Bruce gets his nose surgically repaired, putting him out of action for nearly two weeks, during which time Alfred fixes the damaged Batcave elevator shaft with the aid of workers coming in and out in a sealed van. Healed-up, Batman joins Robin on routine patrols. Meanwhile, the Paula collects a priceless ruby from a family safe deposit box, sneering at a supposed curse attached to it. Despite being rich again, Paula is obsessed with revenge. She begins the first steps of a plan to ruin Bruce by taking scuba lessons.

–The Brave and The Bold #77
When signs of point to the potential hijacking of the Brotherhood Express, a special unity-themed train exhibit, Batman is on the case. Despite tight security, the entire train completely vanishes thanks to members of Dr. Dulcamora’s Grand Imperial Circus—little person Lilli de la Pooche, the human cannonball known as The Cannoneer, and superhuman strongman Dum-Dum. Lilli had been shrunk down to atomic size and blackmailed into committing the caper, which involved swapping a replica Brotherhood Express for the real deal. When the circus reports their replica is missing along with the Cannoneer, Dum-Dum, and Lilli, Batman and Atom are on it. Soon Batman and the Atom are aboard the real train where they defeat the villains and their henchmen (with a little help from the circus folk). Afterward, Lilli is turned into a giant and her sentence is suspended, both of which she is more than happy about.

–Detective Comics #374
With his constant knowledge of every tiny change to Gotham’s infrastructure, Batman easily corners and busts the Lemon Brothers in a recently boarded up apartment building. Returning to the adjacent alley, Batman finds a beaten up and unconscious Robin on the brink of death! After rushing him to a nearby hospital, the Dark Knight swears vengeance with a grim demeanor we haven’t seen since he confronted Joe Chill face-to-face. Blinded by rage, Batman beats up suspect Jim Condors, showing no remorse and pulling no punches. Upon learning that he has an iron-clad alibi, Batman tucks tail and darts off as the angry dude curses him out with threats of restraining orders and lawsuits! Later, Batman discovers that Robin’s real attacker is Jim Condors’ twin brother Ed Condors, whom the Boy Wonder busted on a prior solo case. Batman busts and disguises himself as Ed to expose Jim as being in cahoots with his bro. With both brother behind bars, Robin soon heals up and is back in action.


–Batman #201
A bevy of super-villains escape from prison when they learn that a West Coast syndicate is trying to take their place in Gotham’s underworld. Realizing that secretly helping Batman take down the syndicate is the best course of action, Penguin, Joker, Catwoman, Cluemaster, Mad Hatter II, Johnny Witts, and Getaway Genius team up. First, Penguin secretly helps Batman bust some West Coasters.
. . .

  1. [1]COLLIN COLSHER: This item occurs well before Dick has graduated high school and about a year prior to the death of Lew Moxon, hence placement here. This item is also attached to a mural splash page that shows images of many super-villains that Batman has yet to face. There is a slight implication that Batman has already faced all of them, but this is not the case.
    If it were canon, right about here is where we’d have spotted Batman and Robin: From Alfred to Zowie!, the cool Golden Press children’s alphabet book. However, it is non-canon since it seems to take place in the Adam West-Burt Ward Batman TV-verse, heavily referencing visuals from the show—especially with the look of the hotline phone (situated next to a Shakespeare bust) and an Alan Napier-styled Alfred. In this cute little tale, Batman and Robin take on the escaped convict team-up of Joker, Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch), Mr. Freeze, and Penguin! Robin gets abducted, but Batman frees him and takes down all the villains. Yet another unfortunate reason Alfred to Zowie can’t be canon is the anachronistic appearance of Jervis Tetch, who does not appear in-between his Year Two debut and his Year Sixteen return (in Detective Comics #510).

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