Year Fifteen

According to the new post “Superman Reborn” timeline established in the pages of Superman Vol. 4 and Action Comics, we be must Year Fifteen to account for both the ages of Jonathan Kent (who turns 10-years-old this year) and Damian Wayne (who turns 13-years-old this year). This gives Batman two years (including his Year Zero) of crimefighting prior to the birth of Damian. And it gives Superman roughly five years of crimefighting before the birth of Jonathan.




–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 2 #21, Flash Vol. 5 #21, and Titans Vol. 3 Annual #1—originally told in Justice League Vol. 2 #41-50 (“THE DARKSEID WAR”). This item is also canon because of its link to “The Final Days of Superman” and DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Nearly nine months have passed since Forever Evil. The Anti-Monitor and Grail (Darkseid’s daughter) attack the Justice League, who get rescued by Metron. Lex Luthor is shot by his sister Lena Luthor before being saved by Superman. Inside the Rock of Eternity, Wonder Woman rips Metron out of the Mobius Chair. Batman leaps into the throne, becoming a “Bat-God” and learning a wealth of hidden information, including the fact that there are three Jokers. The heroes soon get caught in the middle of a war between Darkseid’s forces and the Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons. On Apokolips, Superman falls into a fire pit, which imbues him with Apokoliptian negative-energy, turing him evil. Batman and Hal travel to the Universe-3, birthplace of the Anti-Monitor to learn more about his origin. After dispatching a legion of Qwardian Thunderers, Batman and Hal learn that the Anti-Monitor is Mobius, creator of the Mobius Chair. Batman sees a vision of the creation of the positive-matter universe (Universe-0) and the creation of the anti-matter universe (Universe-3) and learns that the latter was born from the Anti-Life. Mobius discovered the Anti-Life and was endowed with the power of the sentient Anti-Life Equation. On Earth-0, before reverting back to Mobius, Anti-Monitor fuses Flash with The Black Racer, flinging him into and killing Darkseid! The dark god’s Omega power is subsumed by Lex. Batman, addicted to the Mobius Chair, returns to Gotham. While Grail steals the Anti-Life Equation, Hal, Batman, and Wonder Woman fight evil Superman. Batman reveals that Superman is dying (of super-cancer from the Apokoliptian fire pit’s negative-energy). Meanwhile, Cyborg is taken over by The Grid and Jessica Cruz (Power Ring) is taken over by Earth-3 Volthoom. The heroes make a truce with the reformed Crime Syndicate, including a nine month pregnant Superwoman. Mobius fights the Green Lantern Corps, Lex, Parademons, and Crime Syndicate, murdering Ultraman in the process. Grail uses a mind-controlled and powered-up Steve Trevor to kill Mobius. Superman returns to his senses just as Superwoman gives birth to a baby boy. Superwoman steals Lex’s Omega-powers and the Apokoliptian negative-energy, giving them to the baby. Grail then murders Superwoman, but continues powering-up the baby, giving it Shazam’s magick, Trevor’s power, and the Black Racer’s powers from Flash, separating the two in the process. As Flash flees the Black Racer, a fissure opens, releasing original Kid Flash Wally West! (He’s been trapped in the Speed Force ever since being exiled there by Abra Kadabra during the Mr. Twister mind-wipe episode from years ago.) Before departing, the Black Racer kills Volthoom, which frees Jessica. Darkseid is reincarnated in the baby, who grows to adulthood instantly. Hal helps Batman out of the Mobius Chair. Big Barda returns from Apokolips, having made a truce with the evil New Gods. As Barda and the evil New Gods attack, Grid releases Cyborg. As Owlman (in the hijacked Mobius Chair) and Grid boom away, Myrina Black (Grail’s mom) sacrifices her own life to get the Anti-Life out of Darkseid, reverting him back to a baby. Grail, baby Darkseid, and the Anti-Life Equation disappear. With her dying breath, Myrina reveals that the first male to set foot on Themyscira is her (Myrina’s) brother, Jason. Jessica becomes a new Green Lantern. Lex fashions a Superman-styled war-suit for himself. Superman finds out about his super-cancer. On the moon, Mobius-Chair Owlman meets with Metron, but Dr. Manhattan arrives and kills them both! Afterward, Batman likely goes on an investigation into the three Jokers thing, striking a bunch of dead ends.

–REFERENCE: In Titans Vol. 3 Annual #1—originally told in Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1. Hal Jordan leaves the Justice League, but installs rookie Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz on the team in his place.

–REFERENCE: In New Super-Man #10—originally told in “Final Days of Superman.” This item is also canon because of its link to DC Universe: Rebirth #1. Superman tells Batman he is dying of super-cancer. Later, a fake Superman (Denny Swan) appears in Metropolis. (Swan has been blasted by a sentient energy source that has been infused with a copy of Superman’s genome.) Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman fly to China, mistakenly tracking the fake Superman’s energy signature there. The Trinity are confronted by members of The Great Ten (August General in Iron, Accomplished Perfect Physician, Ghost Fox Killer, Jade Lion, Yeti, Celestial Archer, and Seven Deadly Brothers). The Great Ten accompany the Trinity to the lab of super-scientist Dr. Omen, head of the Ministry of Self-Reliance. Omen reveals the first ever Chinese Man of Steel, Super-Man (Kenan Kong), who flies off. Soon afterward, Superman and the fake Superman do battle in California. Batman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Lois, Jon, Steel, and Lana Lang are present. Superman grabs the faker and flies him into Earth’s orbit. The fake Superman explodes, which kills him instantly and seemingly incinerates the real Superman as well. The blast also endows Lana with super powers. Without a body to be found, everyone assumes Superman is dead. The news of Superman’s supposed death quickly hits news outlets, and soon the entire planet mourns his passing. Of course, Superman isn’t actually dead. In fact, the explosion of the fake Superman has cured him of his super-cancer! Hours later, Clark reunites with his family. For reasons unknown, however, he will continue playing dead and move his family into a motel while he recovers from injury.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 #21-22 and Flash Vol. 5 #21—originally told in Flashpoint #1-5Flashpoint is moved on the New Age timeline, said to occur only “months” prior to Batman Vol. 3 #22 (“The Button”), rather than years. While “Superman Reborn” might have usurped Flashpoint‘s role as a fulcrum for the New Age timeline, it still occurs as an important catalyst for future events. Flash’s actions alter reality so that young Bruce was shot to death, causing Thomas Wayne to become Batman and Martha Wayne to become Joker. Flash interacts with a host of new characters, including the Thomas Wayne Batman, who gives him a handwritten letter to give to Bruce, should Barry be able to revert everything back to normal. Thomas Wayne Batman is seemingly killed, but Dr. Manhattan secretly keeps him alive. Flash is unable to fix things using the Speed Force, but eventually meets the godlike Pandora, who erases the “world of Flashpoint”—although Flash retains all memory of it and it remains in existence as an alternate timeline (thanks to the secret machinations of Dr. Manhattan). Pandora re-creates the primary DCU reality so that it reverts back to the status quo of the New Age timeline aka the post-“Superman Reborn” reality you currently see before you. However, unknown to Pandora, Dr. Manhattan secretly “guides” her world-sculpting hands, stealing a decade’s worth of continuity information from the timeline. In this way, Dr. Manhattan becomes a secret partial creator of DCU, with Pandora actually doing less than she is aware of. With things returned to New Age normal, Flash visits Batman and explains all that has happened, delivering Thomas’ letter to a teary-eyed Dark Knight. Batman puts his Flashpoint dad’s letter into a display case in the Batcave.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 2 #21, Flash Vol. 5 #21, and Titans Vol. 3 Annual #1—originally told in the New 52’s DC Universe: Rebirth #1. The events of DC Universe: Rebirth #1 occur “a few months” prior to Titans Vol. 3 Annual #1. Kid Flash Wally West, having finally been released from the Speed Force during “Darkseid War,” attempts to make contact with the world. While trapped in the Speed Force, Wally saw the true history of the DCU—from the original Crisis through the Modern Age, Flashpoint, New 52, and New Age. He also learned that ten years that were literally pilfered by an unknown force. (SPOILER: It’s Dr. Manhattan.) When two Jokers are captured in different cities, Batman confirms that there are indeed three of them. (As originally revealed in the New 52’s Harley Quinn Vol. 3 #13, one of the captured Jokers is a Joker copycat named Edwin. The other captured Joker’s identity is unknown. The third Joker is the original Joker, who is currently cured of his insanity and is an amnesiac.) Wally breaks through the Speed Force barrier and tries to talk to Batman, but is unable. However, a bloody smiley face button pin shoots into the Batcave. Wally then visits nonagenarian Johnny Thunder at an elderly home and tells him that he must make everyone remember the blocked/erased history the Justice Society of America. In a Metropolis, a time-displaced Saturn Girl of The Legion of Superheroes is questioned by Captain Maggie Sawyer. In Ivy Town, Ryan Choi receives a message from the Atom, who is trapped in the Microverse. Elsewhere, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) forms a partnership with ex-Blue Beetle Ted Kord. Dr. Fate appears and tells Ted that the Blue Beetle scarab is magickal. At Wayne Manor, Robin celebrates his thirteenth birthday. Elsewhere, teenager Jackson Hyde struggles with being a Black gay metahuman. Concurrently, Pandora is murdered by Dr. Manhattan. On a secret island, Grail comforts baby Darkseid. At a motel where the Kents are temporarily hiding out, Superman runs into Mr. Oz, who tells him that nothing is what it seems. On yet another deserted isle, Aquaman proposes to Mera. (They’ve more or less been husband and wife for years, even referring to each other as such, but now it will be “surface dweller official.”) A crowd gathers at the site of Superman’s supposed murder, including Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Linda Park, who runs into Wally, manifesting out of the Speed Force yet again. Wally tries to reach out to Linda, his wife in the Modern Age, but fails to connect. In Gotham, new superhero Gotham tells his partner Gotham Girl that they aren’t quite ready to debut. In Louisiana, John Constantine chats with Swamp Thing. Wally appears before Captain Boomerang, Cyborg, Nightwing, the new Kid Flash (his cousin that is also named Wally West), and Flash (Barry Allen). Wally is finally able to connect with Barry. In tears, they embrace and Wally is back! (In this moment, Abra Kadabra’s global mind-wipe ends and the world remembers the original Teen Titans again.) In the Batcave, Batman finds the smiley face button. On Mars, Dr. Manhattan watches all. Afterward, Batman ramps up his investigation into the three Jokers matter, but it leads to nothing but a dead end. Superman then publicly returns, showing the world that he didn’t actually die during the “Final Days of Superman.”

–FLASHBACK: From Flash Vol. 5 #21—originally told in The Flash: Rebirth #1. Batman and Flash begin analysis and testing on the smiley face button. They will run tests on it, learning nothing, for months to come.

–REFERENCE: In Teen Titans Vol. 6 #8—originally told in Teen Titans Vol. 6 #5. Robin forms a new Teen Titans, which includes Starfire, Beast Boy, Kid Flash (the younger Wally West), and Raven. When Robin is bested and imprisoned by his cousin Mara Al Ghul (the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul’s son Dusan Al Ghul), the Teen Titans rescue him and soon find themselves face to face with Ra’s Al Ghul’s teenage super-villain squad known as The Demon’s Fist (Blank, Plague, Stone, and Nightstorm). When the Demon’s Fist betrays Ra’s Al Ghul to help their fellow teens, Ra’s Al Ghul flees with Mara. Later, Bruce funds a T-shaped Teen Titans HQ in San Francisco Bay.

–REFERENCE: In ???—originally told in Batman: Rebirth #1. Duke Thomas finally accepts his spot in the Bat-Family. He moves into Wayne Manor and begins training with Batman, debuting as the superhero Lark.

–REFERENCE: In Titans Vol. 3 Annual #1—originally referenced in Titans Vol. 3 #7. Now that Abra Kadabra’s mind-wipe has ended and everyone remembers the original Teen Titans, the former sidekicks decide that they might as well team up again. Bruce bankrolls the brand new Titans—Nightwing, Donna Troy, Arsenal, Omen, Tempest (former Aqualad Garth), and Flash (Wally West). (Barry Allen and Wally West are both going by Flash now.) Bruce pays for the team’s new gaudy T-shaped headquarters in the middle of the East River in New York City—which is likely constructed at super-fast speed with metahuman help. He will continue to fund the Titans from this point forward.

–REFERENCE: In Superman Vol. 4 #20-23 and Action Comics #978. The Kents (with their pet cat Goldie) move from California to a farm in Hamilton County, New York (300 miles north of Metropolis). The Kents’ farm is located next door to the Cobb Dairy Farm, run by Cobb Branden, who lives with his granddaughter Kathy Branden. (SPOILER ALERT: The Brandens—along with a few other of Hamilton County’s citizens that will be closest to Jon—are actually secret metahumans that are a part of Manchester Black‘s Super Elite.)

–REFERENCE: In Superman Vol. 4 #21-23—originally told in Superman Vol. 4 #1-2 (“SON OF SUPERMAN”). At the Kent Farm in Hamilton, NY, a ten-year-old Jonathan has just recently discovered his super powers, but doesn’t know how to control them yet, accidentally killing his pet cat Goldie with heat vision. Jonathan’s friend Kathy Branden sees him using his powers. Later that night, an angsty Jon looks out his window to see his dad, in costume, meeting with Batman and Wonder Woman. When a distress alert comes in from a US Coast Guard ship, Superman asks Wonder Woman and Batman if he can take his son on his first official mission. Wonder Woman and Batman give the green light. Superman and Jon defeat a giant pink squid monster together. (SPOILER ALERT: Manchester Black is responsible for the giant pink squid attack.)

–REFERENCE: In Action Comics #978 and Superman Vol. 4 #22—originally told in Superman Vol. 4 #6. Batman, likely with metahuman help, builds a hidden base on the moon! The Dark Knight moves his most dangerous and experimental lab equipment and weaponry there, including the Hellbat-suit. Shortly thereafter, The Eradicator does battle against Superman, Lois (wearing the Hellbat-suit), Jon, and Krypto inside Batman’s moon-cave. Superman and Krypto kick the Eradicator’s ass, causing him to blow up in a nuclear explosion. Superman buries the Eradicator on the moon. Batman logs all of the substantial damage done to his lunar HQ, and decides to abandon it. Superman then introduces Jon to Batman and Wonder Woman as Superboy! Lois keeps a special weaponized Hellbat glove as a souvenir from this adventure.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League Vol. 3 #21—originally told in Justice League: Rebirth #1. The giant mollusk-cockroach alien known as The Reaper invades Metropolis, taking control of hundreds of thousands of humans in parasitic Starro fashion. The JL defeats the Reaper, who claims that worse monsters will soon come to Earth before fleeing the planet.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League Vol. 3 #21—originally told in Justice League Vol. 3 #1-3 (“THE EXTINCTION MACHINES”). An evil alien race (from which Cyborg’s tech originates) invades Earth with thousands of cocoon-like alien spaceships, unleashing voracious mini-swarm creatures across the globe and causing massive earthquakes via orbs embedded in the planet’s upper core. The aliens also begin assimilating humans. In response, the bizarre cosmic entities known as The Kindred rise up, taking the form Godzilla-tall clumps of assimilated humans. The Kindred tells Wonder Woman that metahumans only have powers because of them, and they are taking the powers back. While Superman destroys the orbs, the JL fights the aliens and the Kindred. Cyborg learns the Kindred’s plan—to stop the swarm aliens from “Purging” the Earth by initiating their own “Awakening,” which seems pretty bad too since it will animate an evil cosmic power. The JL decides that option three is the best: save the day by preventing both the Awakening and the Purge. In deep space, the Green Lanterns find hundreds of humanoid aliens that look just like Cyborg, bringing them back to Earth. Cyborg is able to stop the Purge and send the invading aliens packing. Using the Cyborg aliens as missiles, the Green Lanterns take down the Kindred. Aquaman finishes off the Kindred with power from the mystical sentient Zodiac Crystals.

–REFERENCE: In Titans Vol. 3 Annual #1. Batman upgrades his cowl tech to include state-of-the-art sensors of all varieties. His cowl tech has stronger capability and range than the smaller domino masks of Robin or Nightwing.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League Vol. 3 #21—originally told in Justice League Vol. 3 #6-7 (“STATE OF FEAR”). The Justice League fights the “Fear Thing,” a giant black blob that causes them to feel intense fear and to lash out violently at each other. A crazed Wonder Woman and Aquaman threaten to take over the world. Eventually, with Flash’s help, Jessica Cruz uses her ring to destroy the growing black fear monster in Seattle, ending its control over everyone.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 #21—originally told in the New 52’s Batman Vol. 3 #1-6 (“I AM GOTHAM”). When members of Kobra attempt to shoot down a passenger plane, Gotham and Gotham Girl (brother and sister Hank and Claire Clover) make their dramatic debut and save the day. Later, Batman assists Gotham and Gotham Girl to bring down Solomon Grundy. Batman, Gotham, and Gotham Girl deal with several terrorist bombings that are linked to Professor Hugo Strange (who is secretly being manipulated by Amanda Waller). Gotham Girl winds up confronting Psycho-Pirate, who is under the control of Hugo Strange. Psycho-Pirate causes the deaths of an entire squadron of Waller’s soldiers before scrambling Gotham Girl’s mind, causing her to go into a permanent shell-shocked state. Batman confronts Waller, who lies and says she has nothing to do with Hugo Strange going rogue and controlling Psycho-Pirate. When Batman learns that there is one more soldier still alive and under Psycho-Pirate’s spell, he rushes to the Clover household in the suburbs, but it’s too late—the Clover parents are already dead. An enraged Gotham begins smashing up the city. Meanwhile, the rattled Claire tells Duke that she and her brother paid money for meta-powers that increase exponentially at the cost of a decreased lifespan. Batman and the Justice League are defeated by Gotham in battle, forcing Gotham Girl to swoop in and kill her brother to stop his carnage. A broken Gotham Girl, distraught by all the deaths in her family and still messed-up by Psycho-Pirate, then shaves her head and busts Colonel Blimp, Captain Stingaree, and Kite Man. Batman reveals his secret ID to Gotham Girl and takes her into Wayne Manor. Later, Batman meets with Waller, who tells him that Hugo Strange has handed over Psycho-Pirate to Bane in exchange for Venom. Waller agrees to help Batman invade Santa Prisca.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1—originally told in the New 52’s Detective Comics #935-940 (“RISE OF THE BATMEN”). This item is canon because of its link to “I am Bane.” Batman initiates a new “Bat-squad” team consisting of Batwoman, Red Robin, Spoiler, a reformed Clayface, and Orphan (Cassandra Cain). They operate out of a state-of-the-art HQ called The Belfry, which is located in Old Wayne Tower. (Old Wayne Tower, also known as the Corolla Building, is a historical landmark that hasn’t been used for Wayne Enterprises business since the days of Bruce’s parents.) The Belfry contains the “Mud Room,” a Danger Room facility that incorporates programmable holographic computer simulations and Clayface’s powers for training purposes. The Colony, a military ops group run by Jake Kane, attacks and abducts Batman, but the Caped Crusader easily escapes custody and interrogates the Colony’s resident genius tech-nerd Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong, who reveals that the Colony has been clandestinely active all over the globe for years and has been secretly surveilling Batman’s every move since his debut. Jake and his men enter and tell Batman that only his group is capable of defending America against threats like the League of Assassins and its elite inner-group, the League of Shadows. The Bat-squad crashes the party and begins kicking Colony ass. With Batman safe and sound, the Bat-squad departs. Armstrong tells Jake that he’s programmed drones to immediately kill Gothamites on the League of Shadows terror watch-list—a strike that could cause around 600 innocent collateral deaths. Tim, who has recently started dating Stephanie, tells her that he has decided to quit the superhero game and go to college. Soon after, Red Robin learns that Armstrong’s drones are active, prompting the Bat-squad back into action all over the city. The team rushes to scatter the innocent people nearest to Jake’s targets, successfully bringing many to safety. Lady Shiva watches her daughter in action from a distance. Red Robin is able to re-route all of the drone programming, causing them all to target him instead of the folks on the terror watch-list. While Batwoman busts her dad, Red Robin defeats an entire drone army by himself but is incinerated in the process. The Bat-squad mourns Red Robin’s death. But not so fast! Elsewhere, the mysterious Mr. Oz rematerializes Red Robin inside his lair. Mr. Oz tells Red Robin that he needs to be alive, but needs to be “off the playing field” in order for things to work out in a certain way on the timeline. Confined to a cell, Red Robin vows to escape, even if his friends and family think he is dead. Jake and his top soldiers Dom and Cooper are confined to cells in the Belfry. Later, a funeral is held for Tim.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1—originally told in “NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN.” Hugo Strange uses a combination of Monster Serum and Venom (which he recently got from Bane) to create kaiju monsters that attack Gotham. The Bat-Family defeats the monsters and brings Hugo Strange to justice. ARGUS seals off a section of the city around the corpse of the final defeated monster, turning the spot into a radioactive weapons research outpost known as Monster Town.

–REFERENCE: In Teen Titans Vol. 6 #8 and Deathstroke Vol. 4 #19—originally told in Deathstroke Vol. 4 #4-5 (“THE PROFESSIONAL”). When someone in Gotham puts a hit out on his daughter Ravager (Rose Wilson), Deathstroke returns to Batman’s city. After prepping for battle with some help from hacker Hosun and right-hand man William Randolph Wintergreen, Deathstroke and Ravager engage in a game of deadly cat-and-mouse with Batman and Robin. Deathstroke kidnaps Robin, prompting Batman to meet with and play mind-games with Ravager, talking about her dysfunctional relationship with her dad. After saving Robin, Batman realizes that Deathstroke put the hit out on his own daughter, so he tells the truth to Ravager. Little does Batman know, Ravager had secretly orchestrated a (failed) hit on her dad. Like father, like daughter.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1—originally told in Detective Comics #943-947 (“THE VICTIM SYNDICATE”). This item is canon due to its link to the Bat-squad backstory. The Victim Syndicate (The First Victim, Mudface, The Mute, Mr. Noxious, and Madame Crow) debuts and attacks the Bat-squad, Harper Row, and Batwing, defeating them. Afterward, Batman orders Dr. Leslie Thompkins do psych evaluations on his team. Meanwhile, the First Victim confronts Stephanie Brown, filling her head with some bad juju. During Steph’s head-shrinking session with Dr. Thompkins, the former realizes that Batman is listening-in and calls him out. Immediately afterward, the Bat-squad—with Batwing and Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)—fight the Victim Syndicate again. Just as the Bat-squad defeats the Victim Syndicate, Spoiler arrives to challenge her teammates. She has become completely disillusioned with Batman’s war on crime. After taking down the entire Bat-Family by herself, Spoiler addresses Batman, saying that his “costumed games” have hurt too many innocent people. Spoiler speaks of another world where each Bat-Family member does something positive for the community without having to wear masks or join a paramilitary group. She tells the Bat-Family that she will forever be their rival before motorbiking away. Batman lets Spoiler operate on her own, but will keep tabs on her. (We won’t see Batman keeping tabs on our timeline below, but he will definitely be monitoring her from a distance. On the flip side, Spoiler begins a website called “Spoiler Alert,” which crowdsources photos of Gotham vigilantes—so Stephanie will be watching Batman quite a bit herself.) Later, Azrael and Batwing join the Bat-squad. Concurrently, Red Robin tries but fails to escape from his cell in Mr. Oz’s lair.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 #21—originally told in the New 52’s Batman Vol. 3 #9-13 (“I AM SUICIDE”). Claire Clover is still suffering mental anguish caused by the lasting effects of using her powers and by Psycho-Pirate. In fact, only Psycho-Pirate can heal her damaged mind. To invade Santa Prisca, Batman recruits Catwoman and a team of super-villains, including the Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker), Bronze Tiger, Punch, and Jewelee. After battling against overwhelming odds, surviving death traps, and initiating a multi-layered deception, Batman faces-off against Bane. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller reveals that she knows Batman’s secret ID, entering the Batcave to confront Alfred. In Santa Prisca, as Bane menaces over a seemingly defeated Batman, Catwoman takes down Bane. Batman’s motley crew kidnaps Psycho-Pirate and makes their escape back to the States. Batman begins trying to figure out how to use Psycho-Pirate’s mask to save Claire.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America Vol. 5 #5 and Suicide Squad Vol. 5 #18—originally told in Justice League vs Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller, who wants to legitimize the Suicide Squad as a fully-sanctioned team (by the superhero community), secretly manipulates Maxwell Lord into forming a team consisting of Doctor Polaris, Emerald Empress, Lobo, Johnny Sorrow, and Rustam. Amanda Waller then lures the Justice League into a fight against the Suicide Squad (Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Killer Frost, Enchantress, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, Katana, and Rick Flag), knowing that new member Killer Frost will be able to capture the entire superhero team. Sure enough, Killer Frost defeats them all. When Max Lord’s team attacks Belle Reve Prison, the JL is released and forced to team-up with the Suicide Squad. Max’s team is defeated, but he uses the magickal “Heart of Darkness” to release Eclipso, who proceeds to quickly take over the entire planet in minutes. Batman leads Lobo and the Suicide Squad to defeat Eclipso and save the world. Afterward, Batman parleys for the release of Killer Frost, offering her a spot on a new hero team he is now planning. Batman tells Amanda Waller that he finally accepts the Suicide Squad as a legitimate government program. Batman asks Lobo to join his new team as well. At Belle Reve, Amanda Waller gloats in front of a captive Max Lord.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League Vol. 3 #21—originally told in Justice League Vol. 3 #15-19 (“TIMELESS”). The Keeper, a cosmic “watcher” that has existed long enough to bear witness to the original Crisis and Flashpoint!, arrives on Earth in the form of a human named Molly. She draws the attention of the Justice League by fighting a phalanx of Borg-like Cell Soldiers of the cosmic race known as The Timeless, who want to rid the universe of all metahumans. Unknown to the heroes, both the Timeless and the Keeper want to get rid of metahumans, sharing a similar fear that metahuman existence will lead to the destruction of the entire universe. The only difference is that the Timeless want to do away with metahumans by quarantining Earth at the end of time whereas the Keeper wants to exterminate them all immediately. (If you haven’t noticed the theme in author Bryan Hitch’s run, it’s heroes saying, “To hell with the Sophie’s Choice scenario we’ve been dealt; we will find our own way.”) The Keeper, tricking the JL, sends its members (sans Batman and Superman) to different points in the past and future on missions to destroy the Timeless’ “temporal bombs.” In reality, these “bombs” are power siphons, which are needed to suck up enough energy to send Earth to the end of time. The Keeper wants to siphon that energy for herself, so she can kill all metahumans right away. Batman and Superman team with the time-traveling Infinity Corporation (Alexis Martin, Jane Jones, and Vincent), confronting the Timeless’ holographic AI leader, Tempus the Timeless Mind, who, like the Keeper, has seen the entire true history of the DCU. Alexis reveals that she is Lex Luthor’s daughter from the future, offering Batman her father’s old Superman-suit. Jane, Batman, and Superman defeat Tempus and the Cell Soldier army. At each moment in time, the heroes are tricked into funneling massive amounts of power straight to the Keeper, who reveals her true plan. While Vincent destroys Tempus, the JL defeats the Keeper in Metropolis. Earth is saved. In defeat, the Keeper warns of a greater threat’s impending arrival in the near future.

–REFERENCE: In Action Comics #979 and Trinity Vol. 2 #9—originally told in Trinity Vol. 2 #1-6 (“BETTER TOGETHER”). Jon Kent plants some “magic seeds” he gets from a strange man (actually Poison Ivy in disguise). Later, Lois, Clark, Bruce, Diana, and Jon have dinner at the Kent Farm. In the barn, the seeds sprout. Bruce, Clark, and Diana are snatched up by large alien Black Mercy plants (!) that put them into an unconscious dream realm, where they come face-to-face with long dead family members and younger versions of themselves. In the vivid dream, the young dream version of Bruce runs into a cave north of Smallville and carves the symbols representing the Trinity into a rock wall. Eventually, the shared hallucination takes the heroes face-to-face with Mongul and his dream daughter White Mercy. Back in the waking world, Poison Ivy tells Lois that, thanks to her connection to the Green, she had found her way into the Black Mercy dream of a trapped and unconscious Mongul. Mongul allowed Poison Ivy to befriend and care for his dream daughter only to then blackmail Poison Ivy with the threat of harming White Mercy. When Mongul enters Clark’s body in the waking world, White Mercy betrays her father, using Bruce’s body to defeat him. Diana is able to wake herself, Clark, and Bruce. Mongul remains trapped in dreams while Poison Ivy returns to Gotham. Thanks to Poison Ivy’s connection to the Green, White Mercy is given life in the real world.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 #21—originally told in the New 52’s Batman Vol. 3 #16-20 (“I AM BANE”). Batman discovers how to manipulate Psycho-Pirate and his cosmic facial attire in order to save Claire. After one of Bane’s men tries and fails to assassinate Psycho-Pirate, accidentally injuring Jeremiah Arkham, Bruce meets with Jason, Dick, Damian, and Duke. Bruce tells his boys that Bane is coming and that he needs a few days with Psycho-Pirate and Claire to undo the damage to her mind. Later, the three former Robins are beaten up by Bane and strung up by their necks in the Batcave. The Dark Knight cuts down his former Robins and flies them straight to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude where they go into healing chambers. In preparation for his arrival, Bane sends his top men Trogg, Zombie, and Bird into Gotham. They kidnap Bronze Tiger and Catwoman—although the latter has allowed herself to be captured as part of a plan she and Batman have concocted to defeat Bane. After Alfred disguises himself as Jeremiah Arkham and wheels in Claire, who is disguised as Hush, to Arkham, Claire’s treatment with Psycho-Pirate begins. Meanwhile, Bane enters Gotham and kidnaps Lark and Commissioner Gordon. Bane then goes to Arkham where Batman has opened all the cells and allowed the prisoners access to their costumes and weapons. While the Bane and Batman brouhaha, Catwoman frees herself, rescues the captives, and kicks Bane’s henchmen’s asses. Catwoman then radios Bane to mock him. Now even more pissed, Bane smashes into Arkham while Batman joins Alfred, Claire, and Psycho-Pirate. Bane fights through Two-Face, Solomon Grundy, Amygdala, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, Firefly, Black Spider, Eduardo Flamingo, Man-Bat, Victor Zsasz, Mad Hatter, Dr. Phosphorus, Hush, Copperhead, Calendar Man, and Riddler. As Maxie Zeus screams in the background, Bane fistfights Batman yet again. Batman knocks-out Bane and wins the day. Claire recovers and returns home. Batman brings Psycho-Pirate’s mask home to keep in the Batcave for further study.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League of America Vol. 5 #5-6—originally told in the New 52’s Justice League of America: Rebirth #1 and Justice League of America Vol. 5 #1-4. Batman recruits his own Justice League of America, first locking-in Frost (formerly Killer Frost), Black Canary, and Lobo. (As specifically referenced in Justice League of America Vol. 5 #6, Batman makes a secret promise to Lobo in exchange for his loyalty.) Batman then targets the Atom (Ray Palmer) only to discover that he is missing in the Microverse. In Palmer’s place is new Atom Ryan Choi. Batman rudely dismisses Choi, but Lobo convinces Batman to let him join. Eventually, the team is finalized, consisting of Vixen, Lobo, the Atom (Ryan Choi), The Ray, Black Canary, and Frost. Soon after, The ExtremistsLord Havok, Dreamslayer, Dr. Diehard, Gorgon, Tracer, Brute, and Death Bat (with Chiroptera)—cross through the Bleed (from their home of Universe-8), entering Earth-0 in Saratoga, New York. The JLA teleports to New York and immediately combats the Extremists, who eventually teleport to Kravia, a small Eastern European country that was home to Havok on Angor (aka the Earth of Universe-8). The Extremists remove the ruling military junta and Havok becomes the monarch of Kravia, annexing several surrounding countries in the process. The JLA, joining with a rebel group led by Bogna Budusheva, invades Kravia, dethrones Havok, and defeats his team. Only Dreamslayer is able to escape.

–REFERENCE: In All-Star Batman #10—originally told in All-Star Batman #1-5 (“MY OWN WORST ENEMY”). Two-Face reigns chaos over Gotham. Things are so bad that Penguin, Black Mask, and Great White Shark join together (forming a new gang known as The Blacks and Whites) to help Batman bust Two-Face. A captive Two-Face reveals that he knows Batman’s secret ID, telling Batman that there is a cure for his (Two-Face’s) split personality hidden at the old Arkham Home in Innsmouth, Massachusetts where Bruce and Harvey first met each other shortly after Bruce’s parents’ deaths. En route to Innsmouth, a pre-taped message from Two-Face is released via news media outlets. The message reveals that Two-Face has dirt, thanks to years of extreme doxxing and info-phishing, on a large portion of the nation’s populace. With the threat of releasing the info, Two-Face essentially blackmails the entire United States into attacking Batman. Two-Face also threatens to remotely cause acid rain to pour over Gotham using sci-fi weather tech. This prompts dozens of regular citizens and super-villains to strike at Batman. The Dark Knight shakes-off Killer Moth, Firefly, Black Spider, Gentleman Ghost, Egghead, Orca, Killer Croc, King Shark, Amygdala, Cheshire, and a new female Copperhead. With help from Lark and Harold Allnut, Batman bests the Beast (aka KGBeast), Penguin, Black Mask, the Great White Shark, Tweedle-Dum, and Tweedle-Dee. At the old Arkham Home, Two-Face reveals that his cure doesn’t really exist. Batman saves the day, tricking Two-Face into ending his blackmail and acid rain threats.

–REFERENCE: In Superman Vol. 4 #20 and Teen Titans Vol. 6 #6—originally told in the New 52’s Superman Vol. 4 #10-11. Robin—with help from his friend Maya Ducard (Morgan Ducard’s daughter) and his pet bat-dragon creature named Goliath—kidnaps Superboy in order to gain insight into his powers. Batman and Superman show up to stop the madness. At the Batcave, Batman runs tests on Superboy, but this time with Superman’s blessing. When Robin and Superboy refuse to get along, Batman and Superman force them to go through a “boot camp” where they must work as a team to get through a series of challenges, including fights against Maya, Goliath, and a synthetically-created “Rainbow Creature” that the boys call “Mr. Squish.” The boys successfully get through the ordeal, forming a closer bond.

–REFERENCE: In Superman Vol. 4 #20—originally told in the New 52’s Super Sons #1. With Batman and Superman on unspecified business, Robin surprise visits Jonathan Kent in Hamilton County in the dead of night, telling him they need to investigate break-ins and hacking attempts at LexCorp. So it’s 300 miles to Metropolis in the dead of night to LexCorp Tower for Robin and Superboy. Once they get there, they immediately run into Lex Luthor. After ditching Luthor, Robin and Superboy travel to the woods outside of Providence, RI where they confront the hacker, fourteen-year-old Reggie Meyer aka Kid Amazo. Kid Amazo battles the young heroes, who team-up with a robot version of Kid Amazo’s little sister, Sarah Meyer. Eventually, Lex Luthor and the real Sarah Meyer join the boys to help defeat Kid Amazo and save the rest of the Meyer Family.

–FLASHBACK: From Nightwing Vol. 4 #21. Batman and Robin take down the murderous super-villain known as The Reaper (Judson Caspian).

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1—originally told in Detective Comics #948-949 (“BATWOMAN BEGINS”). Batman is contacted by Dr. Victoria October, the ARGUS-contracted scientist that runs Monster Town. Batman and Batwoman visit Monster Town to find that sea gulls are merging with human remains to form horrific beasts. Batman and Batwoman return to the Belfry to find Colony Prime (the Colony’s top man Simon Samuels) attempting to free Jake Kane. The duo defeats Samuels after tricking him with the Mud Room simulator. Samuels then flees. Afterward, Jake reveals everything he knows about the League of Shadows. Batman, ever distrusting, remains skeptical about the League of Shadows’ existence.

–REFERENCE: In ???—originally told in All-Star Batman #6-9 (“ENDS OF THE EARTH”). Batman beats Mr. Freeze, deals with Poison Ivy, and fights Mad Hatter, all while being chased by an elite squadron of mystery soldiers disguised as US military Blackhawk troopers. After learning that Ra’s Al Ghul is behind all of it, the “Blackhawks” reveal themselves as League of Assassins ninjas, kidnapping Lark. In Washington DC, Batman, Catwoman, and Alfred (with help from the real Blackhawks) defeat the League of Assassins and rescue Lark. Ra’s Al Ghul flees.

–REFERENCE: In ???—originally told in “THE CURSED WHEEL.” Batman and Alfred develop a sacred-geometrical diagram, which they call the “Cursed Wheel.” This sigil-like image, based upon concepts related to color theory, depicts an ultra-condensed version of all of Batman’s experiences combined with Alfred’s unique tenets regarding human psychology. Batman shares this occult “Cursed Wheel” with Duke. Later, Batman and Lark bust Victor Zsasz, but Lark questions his ability to be a successful superhero. While Batman deals with the Riddler, who is able to strike from his Arkham Asylum cell thanks to the help of Daryl Gutierrez, Duke is accosted by Daryl and his Jokerized parents at Wayne Manor. While Batman saves the day downtown, Daryl tells Duke that he (Duke) has a unique physiology, possibly non-human or metahuman. Duke’s mom’s eyes glow yellow as she attacks Daryl to help her son. Duke’s eyes glow yellow as well, with his vision appearing akin to a bright version of Daredevil’s vision, as he punches-out Daryl.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1—originally told in Detective Comics #950. This item is canon due to its relevance to the Bat-squad backstory. A lonely Orphan (Cassandra Cain) visits the Gotham Metropolitan Ballet, briefly meeting (and scaring) dancer Christine Montclair. Later, Cassie listens-in as Batman meets with Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Sebastian Hady. The usually morally bankrupt political leader of Gotham has seen the light and wants to be a good guy now. Batman and the reformed Hady agree to have regular meetings in which he promises to spills the beans on every corrupt official in Gotham. (These meetings begin now and will continue invisibly moving forward on our timeline. As a direct result, crime in Gotham will drop to its lowest level in years.) In the Belfry, Jean-Paul shows Luke an AI android project he has been working on. Luke is dumbfounded to view the seemingly impossible tech specs of the Suit of Sorrows, which Jean-Paul has linked to a dormant robotic shell. After Jean-Paul and Luke depart, the android receives an energy signal that brings it to life. Ascalon is born.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman: Rebirth #1—originally told in Detective Comics #951-956 (“LEAGUE OF SHADOWS”). This item is canon due to its relevance to the Bat-squad backstory. Lady Shiva and the League of Shadows attack Gotham, assassinating Mayor Hady and dropping Joker Venom on the city. Shiva defeats Batman and Orphan in combat. The League of Shadows then infiltrate the Belfry and kidnap Batwing, Azrael, Batwoman, and Clayface. With the Belfry undefended, Jake Kane escapes and returns to the Colony. In the Batcave, Batman finds Ra’s Al Ghul, who reveals that he has mind-wiped Batman’s memories of the League of Shadows using magick. Ra’s Al Ghul then subdues and captures Batman, delivering him to Shiva in exchange for her to halt her assault on the city and return the League of Shadows to the shadows. Cassie officially drops her “Orphan” moniker and infiltrates the League of Shadows’ underground HQ, defeating over 200 warriors (!) and freeing the Bat-squad. Ra’s Al Ghul arrives and shoots Lady Shiva dead. Ra’s Al Ghul and his man-bats then depart with Shiva’s corpse. Later, Batman tells an injured Kate that the Bat-squad will need to use magick to defeat Ra’s Al Ghul in the future.

–NOTE: In Action Comics #976. “Superman Reborn” concludes. Mr. Mxyzptlk kidnaps Superboy, which prompts Superman and Lois Lane to go after their son. During the rescue, a cosmic clash between Superboy and Mxyzptlk causes all of reality to be rewritten. In an instant, the New 52 is erased and replaced with the official New Age timeline you see before you. Mr. Oz, watching from an unknown remote location, is shocked that Superboy and Mxyzptlk could have enough combined power to change reality.[1]

–Trinity Vol. 2 #8
Superman (now wearing a new costume with red boots) has been suffering from horrible nightmares ever since “Superman Reborn,” which has just recently occurred. In these nightmares, Superman fights New 52 Superman and sees dozens of alternate reality versions of himself, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Panicked, Superman calls Batman and Wonder Woman to the Fortress of Solitude to tell them about his dreams. Superman tells his friends that the dreams are a final reminder of memories of a past life that is disappearing from his mind. He knows that reality has been altered. Batman tells them not to tell the rest of the Justice League until they can figure out more information. Meanwhile, Mr. Oz watches and hears all from an unknown remote location.

–Superman Vol. 4 #20-22 (“BLACK DAWN”)
Jon, still unable to fly as his powers haven’t fully developed, plays with Krypto and Kathy Branden. Kathy’s grandpa, Cobb Branden, warns of a big storm coming. Later, in the storm cellar of the Kent Farm, Lois, Clark, and Jon hang out. Lois and Clark make reference to the recent “Superman Reborn” events—they still have some memories and knowledge of the Modern Age and New 52, but those memories are fading fast and will soon disappear completely. In the dead of night, Jon sees Batman’s shadow, so he suits up into his Superboy costume. (Upon seeing the shadow, Jon says “not again,” which is a reference to Damian’s showing up randomly in the dead of night during the recent Super Sons arc.) Superman and Superboy confront Batman and Robin in the barn, but Lois forces them to all sit at the dining room table for pie. Batman reveals that the test results on Jon have come back inconclusive, showing that Jon is “abnormally healthy.” In other words, something is causing Jon’s powers to be held at bay. After a short argument with Superman, Batman is told by Lois that Jon drinks milk from Cobb Branden’s prize winning cow Bessie every day. Batman goes next door to the Cobb Farm and takes a sample of Bessie’s milk, but the milk comes alive and turns into a spiderweb-like inky goo that traps the Dark Knight. When Batman hasn’t returned come morning, Superman, Superboy, and Robin go out in search of him. The trio is called to action when a giant pink squid (which Superman and Superboy defeated months ago) returns to attack Hamilton County. The squid has been sent by Manchester Black, who has been spying on the heroes. Black manifests before Superman’s eyes as an inkblot humanoid, flanked by inkblot henchmen. The heroes fight off the inkblots, but Superman refuses to kill the unwieldy squid. Seeing no other option, and being egged on by the townspeople, Superboy uses his heat vision to kill the raging beast. Later, Superboy and Robin reveal that Cobb is linked to an abandoned house in the nearby Deadman’s Swamp. Superman goes to the house on his own. Meanwhile, Kathy reveals powers of her own and attacks Superboy and Robin, kidnapping them both. With everyone missing, Lois searches in town, discovering that nothing is what it seems. Several members of the Hamilton County townsfolk—Mayor Goodman, Dr. Brooks, Candice, Tony Martinez, Officer Haggart, and the Brandens—have been surveilling the Kents on behalf of Manchester Black ever since they arrived. Lois flees home to find these sinister citizens in her house. She grabs her Hellbat glove, fights off her would-be abductors, and hops in the Batmobile to make a getaway. Cobb Branden reveals his super-strength, tearing apart the car to stop her. Meanwhile, in a hidden lab deep beneath the abandoned house, Superman finds a giant spidery robotic monstrosity attached to large liquid tubes. The tubes hold an unconscious Batman, Robin, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, three clown masked thieves that Superman busted before, and others.

–Superman Vol. 4 #23 (“BLACK DAWN” Continued…)
When Superman hears Lois in trouble above the underground lab, he flies up to find Cobb Branden fighting his wife. Superman knocks-out Cobb and rescues Lois only to find giant monsters attacking the town. Mayor Goodman, Dr. Brooks, Candice, Tony Martinez, and Officer Haggart all reveal themselves to be secret metahuman members of Manchester Black’s Super Elite. They execute the monsters with reckless abandon, causing Lois’s leg to get completely severed in the process! Superman cauterizes the wound. Deep underground, Manchester Black forces a terrified Jon to watch the horrific scene above.

–Trinity Vol. 2 #9
Clark, still troubled by the Black Mercy hallucination he shared with Bruce and Diana a couple months ago, invites Diana and Bruce to Smallville to discuss his feelings. In the real location that appeared in the dream, the heroes find cave carvings that the dream version of Bruce made. They don’t take notice of White Mercy because an Justice League emergency booms them to the Watchtower, which is powerless and damaged with a hull breach thanks to an alien attack. The Trinity saves an injured Cyborg from Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, who have been taken over by insect-like parasitic aliens. A bunch of alien bugs attack, knocking Superman and Wonder Woman into space. Flash arrives and saves Batman and Cyborg. Superman and Wonder Woman enter the base of the satellite to find a humanoid alien that tells them a parasitic virus has taken over the HQ and the only cure is eradication.

–Titans Vol. 3 Annual #1
The Key—working for a mystery boss—teleports the members of the Justice League and their former sidekick counterparts from the Titans into his Alaskan bunker lair for what will basically be a deadly game of “escape the room.” The Titans and JL team up for the first time to defeat a fake Metallo and fake Parademons. Meanwhile, at Titans Tower in Manhattan, Cyborg, Superman, Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Arsenal, and Omen try to figure out what happened to their friends. Back in the Key’s lair, Batman rigs up one of the fake Parademon’s tech as a scanner. Wonder Woman reveals that Donna Troy isn’t human, she was created magickally from clay and given false memories. Donna breaks down in tears. Her rush of emotion is enough for both Omen to get a read on her location and for the Key to expose himself. The heroes in the Key’s lair smash through the wall to confront the Key just as the heroes from Titans Tower arrive via Boom Tube. The Key teleports away. At Titans Tower, Batman tells Nightwing that the Key had to have been working for someone else. Elsewhere, in a strange limbo space, the Key is brutally punished for his failure by his mystery boss.

–Justice League of America Vol. 5 #5-6 (“HEART OF A BASTICH”)
The new JLA holds its first press conference at Mount Justice (formerly the Secret Sanctuary) in Happy Harbor, RI. While Batman doesn’t attend, Vixen says that he supports the team 100%. Vixen acts as press secretary, fielding questions from numerous reporters, including Lana Lang. After the conference, journalist Frances Rock speaks to the Ray, telling him about Penn City, PA, a town where warmongers Nikos Aegeus and a blackmailed scientist named Xenos are running a veritable sweatshop that makes “folklore-powered weapons”—weird guns that merge ancient myth with modern tech, some of which have been personally blessed by gods. The JLA booms to Penn City, which is completely controlled by Aegeus’ 300 man army of soldiers wearing Ancient Roman armor mixed with high-end tech. Lobo and the Atom Interrupt a sale between Aegeus and The Whisper Gang, while the rest of the JLA meets with the citizens of Penn City, asking them why they willingly allowed Aegeus to start his weapons factory in their town. The folks explain that the local mine closed decades ago and they were at a 99% poverty rate before Aegeus came to town. Aegeus’ militia—riding magickally-created chimeras—attacks the JLA, who all don their own Roman armor, made of hard light, courtesy of the Ray. With the battle spreading across town, Batman and Black Canary ride one one of the chimeras while Frost accidentally freezes one of the militia men’s arms off. After Lobo is shot with a special anti-god poison cannon, his regeneration powers get messed up. Requiring a full reboot, so to speak, he makes the Ray stab out his heart entirely. The Atom, Lobo, and the Ray then take down Aegeus. With Aegeus down, the chimeras disintegrate into piles of salt and the militia is easily defeated. Later, Batman hires Xenos as the Sanctuary’s resident tech guy. The Atom hangs out with Lobo and also tells Frost that there might be a way to rid her of her metapowers.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League/Power Rangers #4. The Justice League begins using a transport spacecraft called The Javelin.

–Justice League Vol. 3 #19-20 (“ENDLESS”)
The Justice League deals with an alien attack in Brooklyn, after which Flash arrives from 24 hours in the future. He explains that he has been having a Groundhog Day experience, reliving the same bad day over-and-over. In one variation, a scientist named Jason Taylor detonates an explosion in a Bronx lab, stabs Jessica Cruz to death, and detonates another explosion in Manhattan. In a second variation, Flash rallies his teammates and they go to the lab in question to find a the scientist, Taylor, showcasing a new zero-point energy device that controls gravity and force to a room full of onlookers, including his family. Flash goes to secure the device, which causes it to explode, nuking most of the Bronx and parts of New Jersey. After hearing Flash’s Groundhog Day story, Batman leaves the alien fight in Brooklyn to help the Scarlet Speedster. At Taylor’s lab, Batman disguises himself as a security guard and gets intel from a hacking Flash and Cyborg. The heroes learn that Taylor’s conniving boss Tony Palmer, wanting to steal the energy device to sell to China, has rigged it to blow (but remain intact) using tech that ARGUS pilfered from the alien in Brooklyn. Just as the energy device is about to destroy the entire planet, the alien arrives and shuts it down by taking back what was stolen from him: the powerful cosmic artifact known as the Starheart. The alien explains that he is a sentry that guards cosmic borders, cryptically mentioning the Kindred before teleporting away to prevent an “incursion in the Outerverse.” With Palmer behind bars, the JL has a rare in-costume dinner in a restaurant.

–REFERENCE: In Justice League/Power Rangers #3. The Justice League creates, approves, and assigns a network of “Justice League reserves” to be called upon in case of extreme global emergency. The list includes Green Lantern John Stewart, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Kid Flash, Supergirl, Beast Boy, Nightwing, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Shazam, Starfire, and Mera.

–REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. 3 #23. Local weapons supplier Nat the Gnat winds up on Batman’s radar.

———————-––Batman Vol. 3 #21
———————-––Flash Vol. 5 #21
———————-––Batman Vol. 3 #22
———————-––Flash Vol. 5 #22
May. Saturn Girl watches Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals on TV at Arkham and begins freaking out because she knows (being from the future) that there will be a brutal fighting death on the ice. Saturn Girl yells that Superman and the Legion will die. Meanwhile, in the Batcave, Batman re-examines the bloody smiley face pin-button. When it interacts with Psycho-Pirate’s mask, a hole in the Speed Force opens and Batman sees a vision of his father from the Flashpoint timeline (Batman Thomas Wayne). The Dark Knight calls Flash immediately. However, Reverse-Flash (Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom) arrives first, responding to the surge in the Speed Force. Recently, Thawne recalled all of his memories of existence in previous continuities, including the Flashpoint continuity in which he was killed by Batman Thomas Wayne.[2] Thawne proceeds to beat the shit out of Batman, pausing only to read and rip apart Batman Thomas Wayne’s Flashpoint letter to Bruce. With Batman kayoed on the floor, Thawne picks up the smiley button and is teleported away via a blue flash (presumably Dr. Manhattan). Upon being teleported back to the Batcave, Thawne, with most of his skin burned off, screams that he has seen God, before dropping dead next to the still unconscious Batman. Flash, having been delayed by fighting Samuroids and a failed attempt to save the dying hockey player, arrives to find the morbid scene. While old Johnny Thunder screams at a thunderstorm, Flash examines the murder scene in the Batcave before talking to the injured Batman about what happened. Flash tells Batman he’s seen visions of the Helmet of Mercury. Flash then goes to the Watchtower to get the Cosmic Treadmill out of the Trophy Room.[3] Batman, however, shows up demanding to go along for the time-ride. The heroes run together and wind up in Hypertime—a pathway that connects to alternate realities—where they witness visions of their past that have been stolen and are supposed to be a part of the New Age.[4] A cosmic storm takes Batman and Flash to Thomas Wayne’s Batcave in the “World of Flashpoint.” Father and son are reunited, but before they can talk, Atlantean and Amazonian soldiers break into the Batcave and attack. The Batmen fight off the invaders while Flash reassembles the Cosmic Treadmill. Dr. Manhattan, from afar, decides his game has gone far enough. The “World of Flashpoint” begins to crumble into non-existence. Bruce and Thomas have one final touching conversation, but Thomas decides to stay and accept the fate of his world. His final words to Bruce are a plea, telling him to stop being Batman. The “World of Flashpoint” is erased completely as Batman and Flash re-enter Hypertime. There, time gets twisted as our heroes find themselves face-to-face with Thawne, who is running with the smiley button in hand, moments before his death. The heroes try to stop Thawne, but he continues on to his death. Flash hears a strange name calling to him and Jay Garrick appears, rescuing Batman and Flash from Hypertime and returning to the Batcave. Jay tries to explain that some unknown force exiled him and caused everyone to forget him. In an instant, Jay disappears in a brief wave of bright blue light. In the cemetery where Bruce’s parents are buried, Bruce and Barry discuss all they have seen and heard. Later, unable to get his Flashpoint father’s words out of his head, Bruce hesitates to answer the Bat-signal. Elsewhere, Dr. Manhattan clutches the smiley face button in his hand and witnesses a “Doomsday Clock” vision of the future that involves Superman.

–FLASHBACK: From Justice League/Power Rangers #1-4. Welcome to an alternate Earth of the BOOM Multiverse, home to the superhero team known as the Power Rangers (Green Ranger, Red Ranger, Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Blue Ranger, and Pink Ranger). After a teleporter malfunction during a fight pitting the Black Ranger versus the evil Lord Zedd and his minion Putty warriors, the Black Ranger winds up blasted to Earth-0 of the DC Multiverse, specifically Gotham City. There, the confused Black Ranger begins fighting the first person he sees: Batman. When the Rangers’ AI mentor Zordon sends the rest of the color-coded superheroes to Earth-0, Batman calls the Justice League for backup. Flash arrives in a flash to help, but the Pink Ranger activates her giant pink pterodactyl “Dinozord” mech-plane and snatches up the entire Batmobile with Batman inside. After the Power Rangers all activate their “zord” mechs to do battle against the JL and John Stewart, all parties involved soon realize they are on the same side. Athwart the universe, Lord Zedd randomly winds up in the clutches of Brainiac, who quickly befriends him. Brainiac and Lord Zedd send giant squid monsters to attack several cities on Earth. Cyborg hand-selects some JL reservists to help all around the globe. In Melbourne, Batgirl, Hawkgirl, Kid Flash, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Supergirl, Beast Boy, Batman, and the Black Ranger fight a monster. In Tokyo, Wonder Woman and the Pink Ranger do battle with a monster. In Buenos Aires, John Stewart, Nightwing, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and the Green Ranger attack. In Seattle, it’s Cyborg, Shazam, Starfire, and the Blue Ranger. Dublin sees Flash, Aquaman, Mera, and the Yellow Ranger. Cairo gets Superman and the Red Ranger. Brainiac drones then fall out of the sky, take over the Rangers’ Dinozords and combine them into a Brainiac Megazord. Brainiac, Lord Zedd, the drones, the monsters, and the Megazord then teleport to the BOOM Multiverse. Back at the Watchtower, Billy (the Blue Ranger) suggests that they can use a large hadron collider to travel back to their home universe, so it’s off to the CERN Facility in Switzerland. Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman literally lift the large hadron collider into space where they use it to create a dimensional gateway to the BOOM Earth that the Power Rangers live on. By the time they arrive, Brainiac has already shrunk and bottled-up the Power Rangers’ hometown of Angel Grove.

–Justice League/Power Rangers #4
In the BOOM Multiverse, the Power Rangers are unable to morph into fighting form because Brainiac has stolen their power tokens. Thus, the Power Rangers gear up with old costumes and weapons from the Justice League Trophy Room. The Justice League and the Power Rangers smash into Brainiac’s spaceship and retrieve the tokens. When Brainiac controls Cyborg, the Blue Ranger is forced to stab him with the Trident of Lucifer.

–Batwoman: Rebirth #1
Batman learns that Monster Venom has arrived on the overseas Black Market. He summons Batwoman to meet him in Monster Town. There, Batman gives Batwoman a special mission to travel overseas and prevent Monster Venom from being distributed.

–REFERENCE: In Batwoman Vol. 2 #1. Batman sends Batwoman on her anti-Monster Venom mission overseas and sets her up to team with Julia Pennyworth. While not specifically shown on our timeline below, Julia will report all activity to Batman.

–Batman Vol. 3 #23
Commissioner Gordon calls Batman to the murder scene of an old man named Lloyd McGinn. While investigating, Swamp Thing appears and tells Batman that McGinn is is biological father. Bruce invites Swamp Thing to chat at Wayne Manor, learning that the plant elemental seemingly has no human ties anymore and does not mourn the passing of his dad. Swamp Thing, does, however, want to find out who was responsible for the crime. After learning that one of Kite Man’s kites was involved, Batman and Swamp Thing find and shake down Kite Man a few days later, which leads them to a pawn shop, which leads them to Nat the Gnat, which leads them to the culprit: Headhunter. At the Gotham Museum of Art, Batman and Swamp Thing confront Headhunter, who tells them he killed McGinn only because he found out he was Swamp Thing’s dad. An enraged Swamp Thing finally shows his hidden emotion, brutally murdering Headhunter before Batman’s eyes. Pissed-off at having been used, Batman flips-out on Swamp Thing, who offers confused dialogue before simply disappearing.

–the second feature to All-Star Batman #10 (“KILLERS-IN-LAW”)
Batman learns that the Myasnik Family, a Russian mob organization, is set to ship guns to Gotham to start a war against the Falcones, so he takes-out Russian bruiser Knockout (Alexey Nokaut) and assumes his identity. After disguising himself as Knockout and traveling to Russia, Batman competes in a series of bare-knuckle pit fights before meeting the heir to the Myasnik crime organization, Princess Vik (Victoria Myasnik).

–All-Star Batman #10
Late August—this is the earliest that Major League Baseball teams could possibly have been eliminated from playoff contention. (It’s possible, due to the restructuring of the New Age timeline in the wake of “Superman Reborn,” that this item could go a year earlier, but we’ll see.) From the Blacks and Whites (Penguin, Black Mask, and Great White Shark’s gang), Batman learns about a dangerous weapon being brought into the States via Miami. When Hush, pretending to be Bruce Wayne, goes to Miami in hopes of trading for the weapon, Batman and Alfred chase him to Florida, busting him in front of a packed crowd at Marlins Stadium. In a Wayne-owned hotel, Alfred threatens to perform reconstructive facial surgery on Tommy (without anesthesia) unless he talks. Tommy spills the beans that the secret weapon is the Genesis Engine, created by the same Russian scientists that tricked-out the KGBeast. Tommy (as Bruce) is scheduled to meet with Thatch, Vanta, Belle Blue, and Devel—descendants of famous pirates—to trade a priceless (actually forged) painting for the Engine. When the crooks attack Bruce, mistaking him for a disguised Hush, he takes them out and runs to a back room to find Thatch dead with his chest cut open and a symbol carved into his body. Viewing via remote cam, Alfred looks in shock. The symbol is a tag he used to spray paint on walls as a teenage delinquent punk in England back in the day.

  1. [1]COLLIN COLSHER: Note that the ramifications and narrative physics of the “Superman Reborn” reboot are highly complex, but important to understand for the purposes of our chronology-building project. While the synopsis above is what this item looks like to those living on our New Age timeline, from our omnipotent perspective as readers, the original reboot story looks quite different. The reboot creates the debuts of every character in the New Age. Specifically for the Superman Family, New Age Superman replaces Modern Age Superman (don’t forget New 52 Superman is already dead by this point), New Age Lois Lane replaces Modern Age Lois Lane (New 52 Lois was already dead by this point as well), and New Age Jonathan Kent replaces Jonathan Kent (not affiliated with any comic book era due to having been born during Convergence). The literary conundrum and narrative paradox that occurred during Convergence is finally righted. The violation of comic book time/physics perpetrated by author Jeff King is corrected. Since the Golden, Silver, and Modern Ages existed and technically still exist as archived/defunct timelines, any characters removed from those timelines had to be returned exactly as they were when they were stolen away in order to preserve the future sections of those timelines. This is the fundamental nature of the way comic book universes operate. The metaphor is as such: you cannot play with a toy in the sandbox if that toy has been removed from the sandbox and does not exist anymore. So, basically a side-effect of the “Superman Reborn” reboot is that the characters from the previous ages that continued to live on in the New 52 after Convergence ended—post-Zero Hour Hal Jordan, pre-Crisis Supergirl, pre-Crisis Barry Allen, Modern Age Lois, and Modern Age Superman—all get whisked back to the moment in time from where they were removed from their timelines (in order to complete their actions and live out their lives as originally intended so as to secure the sanctity of their timelines). Returned, they will have no memory of their time during Convergence or during the New 52. It will seem as though no time has passed at all. Jonathan, an anomaly of Convergence, with nowhere to return to, simply ceases to exist. Thus, in a strange way, the “Superman Reborn” reboot also acts as a coda to Convergence, both because it ties up loose ends (albeit imperfectly but as best it can) and because it erases it from the New Age timeline.
  2. [2]COLLIN COLSHER: In the Modern Age and Flashpoint, Thawne was the original Reverse-Flash, but also went by Professor Zoom and Zoom. In the New 52 and New Age, Eobard Thawne also goes by all three names, although there was another Reverse-Flash in Daniel West. Now that he has his prior timeline memories and persona restored (and with Daniel West deceased at this point on our timeline), Thawne certainly would think of himself interchangeably as Reverse-Flash, Professor Zoom, and Zoom.
  3. [3]COLLIN COLSHER: At this point, the Watchtower Trophy Room aka Trophy Vault aka Hall of Trophies aka Hall of Lost and Found, is filled with items, many of which have nothing to do with Batman’s past or his personal history with the Justice League. As referenced in Flash Vol. 5 #21 and Justice League/Power Rangers #4, some of these items include: Martian Manhunter’s original costume, Merlin’s Eternity Book (which contains the history of the universe up through the Middle Ages), Merlin’s magick wand, Superman’s Evil New God costume (a canon immigrant from the old DCAU Superman series), an Amazonian Purple Ray healer, the H-Dial, a Phantom Zone Projector, the Green Martian Scepter of State, the Kryptonian rocket ship that brought Superman to Earth as a baby, a Green Lantern power ring, Wonder Woman’s original shield, the Trident of Lucifer (which once belonged to Lucifer and Blue Devil), Amethyst’s magickal amethyst gem, The Persuader’s Atomic Axe, Green Arrow’s old bow and various trick arrows, Hawkgirl’s original mask, and a random black domino mask that could belong to almost anyone.
  4. [4]COLLIN COLSHER: A very important distinction should be made between alternate universes and Hypertime. DC’s Local Multiverse consists of 53 alternate universes (associated with Earths 0 through 52). Each of these singular universes has its own Hypertime stream that connects to an infinite number of alternate pasts and futures. This is the first time DC has attempted to officially combine the Hypertime concept with a stricter Many-Worlds Interpretation of finite universes. It’s usually been one or the other because, simply put, having both at the same time is a bit redundant. After all, since the number of Hypertime realities is infinite, 52 of those realities would look just like the 52 other Earths in the multiverse. Really, both Hypertime and a numbered-Earth system are categorization methods, ways of labeling, or, as I’ve said before, pure semantics. There are always going to be an infinite number of alternate realities, no matter what.

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